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  1. is this the best way i can have my venting setup??


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  2. anyone pls help? temps are still above 30c idk what else will work?
  3. To be honest your drawing makes no sense.
  4. whats wrong with it :p ik my drawing is like a 4 yrd old
    but the arrows are the way the airflow will go.
  5. I've been reading about how intake fans cause drag and you should use negative pressure to draw in fresh air, and as soon as I took my intake fans out my temps went down to 20c.
  6. what do you mean i will have negative pressure in the tent from the filter sucking all the air from the inside the tent?
  7. Can you post pics? It will help

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  8. i dont have all the equipment yet but i will post what i can
  9. There's one thing wrong with this.

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  10. I understand now. If you can try not to use a y split, it kills the CFM a ridiculous amount and with the resistance of the CF I bet 90% of the CFMs will be intaking through the hood. Try to get separate fans.
  11. One fan. Unless you go 1000watt

    Like this.
    Filter->cool tube>(then outside the tent) fan.

    If your fan doesnt have a large enough cfm rating you can do this
    Filter -> fan-> cool tube-> out.
    The reason it works better with the fan before the light is because any fan can push cool air better than it can pull thin hot air. But its better to have your fan out side the tent because then you keep 1000% negative pressure.

    You can have 2 fans but unless your room is over 7x7 i really doubt you need it.
    Always get a bigger fan than you think you'll need and a higher cfm filter than the fan.
    Like a vortex s line 6" 347cfm and a 400cfm filter that way any drag in the ducting and what not can be made up because the filter poses less resistance when the fan is running full.
    So no matter what resistant you should be pulling around the 347cfm because your intake allows 400 and the cool tube at 6" shouldn't pose more than 5-10cfm reduction.

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  12. Any luck?

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