BEST possible setup with infinate budget

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  1. I have a project to design a grow room that is 1000 square feet. I have an INFINATE budget!! But after hours of research I couldn't settle on what kind of setup to use. Someone please help!! Just list the STRAIGHT UP BEST choice of lighting, ventalation, fertalization, etc...Again, money does not matter, I just want a list of the BEST setup to get a medical grade return and maximum yield!
    Just to make it clear one last time...I don't want options, I just want to be told whats best :)

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    bunch of gativa pro lights
    some split ac's
    quest dual dehumidifier
    titan light controller
  3. Ya nice story
  4. "infinite" budget, cuzz

    yeah, fantastic story
  5. CFLs, a bunch of PC fans, surge protectors and miracle grow.
  6. you'd be better off to invest in Miracle Grow thant use it to grow with
  7. Oh my god, we'll I'm jealous.

    But yeah, infinite budget? DE Gavita pros in a huge ass current culture UC set up. Sealed room running mini split a units and titan supply natural gas burners all plugged into a iponic grow room controller.

    I could go on and on... but I'll stop there for now. Is this actually happening? Or are these the pipe dreams we all have?
  8. I've almost bought an Iponic a few times this year. I settled for an xgc, which seemed like the best alternative. Two faulty units, discontinued manufacturer support, lies, deceit, and death threats. I can tell you I very much regret my decision. I will def be buying myself an iponic in the near future.

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  9. Oh.. and CPC makes some sick ass quick disconnect shut-off fittings if you are feeling particularly fancy. Costs an arm and a leg but if you have the money.. they make everything so much safer and convenient, imho. I could easily spend another small fortune on

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    Eh its gonna be tough to just figure that out it takes a lot of work to figure this shit out lol

    With that kind of budget hire a consultant and and electrician because you're going to need one

    But I'm an amateur only on my second grow but I've done work on 20,000sq ft operations as a builder and the planning involved is immense

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