Best possible nutrients for an indoor soil grow

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  1. I’ve harvested a few grows already, but am completely unsure about what to use as far as nutrients. The soil I’m using is a bag of FF Happy Frog, and a bag of FF Ocean Forest. My last grow I tried the General Organics Grow Box, but wasn’t really happy with the outcome. The grows previous to the last I used FF Bloom, Tiger Bloom, and Big Bud trio. They were better than the last run though. I do keep my temps/humidity in check as well a ph. I’m using a 600w mars led. I hear a lot about advances nutrients, but not clear of which to get for veg and bloom. Is there a kit/pack that is a good recommendation? Help of any kind is greatly appreciated.

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  2. On a side note, I have a couple Northern Light clones I plan on scrogging. They’ve been in the tent for a little over a week.

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  3. Want to improve your grow, improve the light. Nutrients are all pretty close to the same. I grow some kick ass bud with cheap powdered nutes. $30 for 12.5 lbs
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  4. I grow in aeroponic systems but I know members who use the same nutrients in compost .
    I use Canna Terra products and 100% happy with the outcome.
  5. The best thing you can do for weed is ...............


    Peat moss is just the soil without perlite.

    Than buy whatever nutrients you want.. i use advanced nutrients, i love them, i have been using them for years now and they have never let me down.

    I know they are very pricy, but i have the cash to get them so why not.



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  6. I just got this particular 600w mars led light. First grow with it.

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  7. Any recommendations on which advanced nutrients to use for veg and some for bloom? Do they have a kit? I couldn’t find one on their site.

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  8. FFof has ample nutes many add 25% perlite to improve drainage

    do note its the light that grows weed not the nutes

    good luck
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  9. It’s old technology. Upgrading your light will make more difference than changing nutes
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  10. It this not a good light? What do you suggest?

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  11. Thank you

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  12. If you grow with FFHF and FFOF, you really don't need a whole lot of nutrients to grow the best that FF can grow you. Why... because even if you were to veg a plant or plants for 3 - 4 months or longer, you should only have to feed your plant or plants for just 3 - 4 weeks during mid bloom, and that's it! Seriously... if you are using more FF nutrients, or other brands of nutrients and are feeding your plant or plants more than what I previously mentioned when your base is FFHF and FFOF you are just wasting a whole lot of money for nothing. Anyhow... the real key to growing in the most efficient way while using FF's soil products as your base, is incorporating a well thought out "up the pot" strategy. Yes, you will also need to add a cal / mag supplement, and maybe some epsom salt to the mix, but that's it...
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  13. Thank you very much! Your insight is greatly appreciated!

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  14. I have to disagree with you. I am a FFOF grower, and my last grow, using 7 gallons of FFOF for each plant, after 6 weeks I HAD to fertilize. My plants now are in 1 gallon pots, being fed 1/8th teaspoon of Dyna-Grow bloom and 1sp / gallon of epsom salt and are doing great at almost 4 weeks into veg. They're going to be flipped to flower in 3 days. And I'm going to be feeding them every other watering with 1/2 teaspoon per gallon of Dyna-grow Bloom. FFOF is considered hot, but as the plants mature, they need more. Not to hijack he thread, but here's a picture. They loved that fertilizer, let me tell you!


    Now this is before I fertilized, a couple days earlier. Look how much darker green they are after they were fed! :)

  15. Nectar for the gods > fox farms.

    But yes when it comes to the outcome it's more about the light than the nutrients.
    Nutrients just keep the plant healthy and happy. Light actually produces the density/weight . Potency Is mostly genetics but nutrients can kick the smell up if you use the right ones.
    As stated ocean forest is already pretty hot and loaded with nutrients. On top of that fox farms bottled nutrients are synthetic and heavy so it's easy to burn. The best nutrients I've used so far in order :
    Roots organic
    Emerald harvest

    I haven't tried advanced or canna so not chiming in on that. But after doing some side by side grows with nectar vs any other company I've always found my nectar plants are the happiest, healthiest, and most aromic .
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  16. If you're using fox farms soil I don't know why you wouldn't just go ahead and use fox farms nutes too.

    I use fox farms soil and nutes and can see daily improvements in my plants. Good stuff. Especially the tiger bloom and big bloom? The two latter ones. They're very good from what I can tell.
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  17. I agree, I solely use ocean forest. After week 4 nutrients is a must. Ocean Forest runs nitrogen heavy btw, but I love it. You'll need cal mag and epsom salt.

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  18. I use their entire line and love it.

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  19. The cool thing about Dyna-Gro though, is you only need Bloom with FFOF, if you're flowering after a month at least. It has all the trace nutrients and primary and secondary nutrients all in one bottle. If you want to see results, OP, let me know and I'll post a pic of my last grow when I harvested using Dyna-Gro
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