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Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by captain_chronic, Apr 16, 2006.

  1. The situation
    2 of my friends and I are sick of spending hundreds of dollars every week on weed so we have decided its time to grow our own. We are daily smokers and probably consume somewhere between a 1/4 to a 1/2 each a week. Our goal is to grow the most potent weed possible, simple as that. We don't really care too much about yield yet as we are prepared to build more cabinets as they are needed however we obviously prefer to max out as yield as much as possible.

    The setup
    We have decided to start with an indoor hydroponic SCROG setup until we have enough experience to build an aeroponic setup.

    The strains
    White Widow, White Rhino, Purple Haze etc. (quality strains)

    The cabinet
    We are yet to purchase the cabinet however it will most likely be similar to a C-13. We also want to use eskies/broken tv's as cloning chambers and the like.

    The lighting
    1x 600w HID with home made cool tubing suspended by an adjustable chain above the canopy.
    4x fluros aligned vertically in each corner of the cabinet. This is to increase light penetration to the whole plant.

    Intake - depends on exhaust and cabinet dimensions
    Exhaust - still looking into it but planning on using a Dayton blower connected to a home made carbon scrubber.

    Heat control
    As many computer fans as we can afford blowing across different areas of the canopy.
    Possibility of putting frozen water bottles in resevoir
    Any other recommendations???

    Other info
    • Walls covered in Mylar
    • Chicken wire as screens for SCROG setup.
    • Locks on doors
    • Computer fan blowing in resevoir for extra cooling
    • Nutrients - yet to be investigated
    • Hydro setup - bubbler most likely but more info required
    • How many plants could I fit into a C-13? (white widow??)
    • How many and what distance should the screens be from one another?
    • What yield should i be looking at? (say if I was growing white widow)
    • Harvest time? (white widow)
    • Anything else I should be thinking about?
    • Any other tips?
    Thanks for the help!
  2. hhheeeellllooooooooooo......... is anybody there? put the billy down for one second and type a response! if i havent given enough info then tell me and ill give more details. thanks guys
  3. I will let some one with a ton of experience help you with the questions. I just wanted to up it for you and to tell you this sounds like you were really reading before you posted. Nice job.
  4. * How many plants could I fit into a C-13? (white widow??)
    Not sure of the dimension on the c-13, but this can be easily figured out. When starting from seed you always want to start at least twice as many as you can hold in flower. The more the better. Are you planning on using a rubermaid tub for your bublers or are you going with 5 gallon buckets, 3 gallon buckets etc. This always changes the amount of plants you can fit. When growing with limited space it is always best to try and maximize your space.
    * How many and what distance should the screens be from one another?
    Screens should be touching eachother in a scrog the goal is to fill your box complete with tops. 2x2inch squares are a good size for the squares
    * What yield should i be looking at? (say if I was growing white widow)
    Impossible question to ask. On your first grow, i'd be happy with anything. It takes time and a couple grows to learn to maximize your space, and the strain you are growing. Going hydro though, good genitics, and 600w should put you anywhere inbetween 200-600grams dry. (PS my first grow i got 2 ounces, lots of males and a few hermies to boot, bad conditions etc. it normally takes a grow to work out all the kinks)
    * Harvest time? (white widow)
    for maximized potency anywhere between 8-12 weeks, if your ordering seeds from a reputable breeder they will give you an average harvest time, witch you will usually end up going a little longer as those times are just geusstimates the only way to really tell is to watch the trics.
    * Anything else I should be thinking about?
    Looks like your off to a good start.
    * Any other tips?
    Get everything set up and do a 1-3 day test run with your box to make sure temps are dialed, power is available for consumption. My biggest issue was limited space and rushing into things in my first grow. Its better and much easier to work out problems when thier not a jungle in your grow room. Oh and fun dont get to disscouraged if everything goes wrong, or you dont yield a whole lot on your first grow. Its alot of work, but the reward of smoking your own grass is priceless.
  5. My only advice to you is start with soil first if this is your first grow and yield off plants can be determined by many things mostly vegging the longer you veg the bigger the yields air circulation also plays a strong role but 1 month vegging(but id do 6 weeks since your doing SROG cause the plants will need time to heal when you cut them) will give 2-3 Oz per plant and for seeds get the Female seeds from dont get there White Widow there known to hermie get the X-Line WhiteWidowxBigBud

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