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    If you had to buy one portable vaporizer, which would it be? My price maximum is $200 but feel free to include any portable vaporizers above $200 that are worth the price. Try to focus on durability, efficiency, smell, ease of use, battery life, vapor quality, and amount of vapor. Thanks!
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    I'm REALLY happy with my LSV, so much so, that I can't think of another vaporizer that I would like better if I could only have one.    If I could have two and if I could afford it, I'd also order a Sublimator, like right away.   This is in answer to your first question though as the SUB is way above your 200 price point.  The LSV is below it.
    Edit:   ooops.....just noticed that you were inquiring about portables.    My bad..........
    Being that you said that you are willing to go over 200 dollars, check out the Crafty.   It's been getting some great reviews over at FC.
  3. Arizer Solo, well worth the price
  4. I've heard of problems with the arizer regarding draw resistance, what is your say in that argument?
  5. I'm trying to make the same decision I've been looking at the Gentlemans vapes.
    Total trash if you're looking to vape dry herbs.
  7. Thanks. how about concentrates that is my main concern
    I've heard that they're ok with concentrates, but there may be better options.     I really don't know that much about concentrates though, so someone else may be able to give you better advice on this than I can.
  9. Oh yeah forgot to mention dry herb vaporizers only and I want to get one under $200, just thought it would be cool to see how much better the really expensive ones are
  10. Magic Flight Launch Box

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  11. For me it would be my lotus with j hook. Hits really hard and gives good clouds.
  12. I saw this as well! I'm actually asthmatic. I've been getting really good vape hits at levels 4&5 so far, but I've very little experience with vaporizers so take my advice with a small grain of salt.
  13. your absolute only option is the arizer solo. it is the best vape ever made and that shall ever be made.  
    out of all vapes. ever. best one, solo. 
    *stirs pot*
  14. PAX by Ploom. A bit over your $200 limit, but I love mine. Had it over a year without trouble. It carries a 10 year warranty.

    Can pack the oven full for multi-sessions or use a double screen for conservation of your stash.

    Super small and easy to hide.

    Check out the FC forums as well as the vape critic. These are solid resources to help u make a good decision.

    Cleaning is a bit of a chore, but once you have it down, it's a 5 min job.

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  15. How does it compare to the arizer? I've been getting many recommendations from friends to get the pax or the arizer, they're definitely the two most popular in my area. Stuck with a tough choice.
    The Solo is much better than the Pax. The only thing the Pax has on the Solo is stealth, otherwise the Solo is much more efficient, less smelly, easier to clean and produces much more/better tasting vapor. I can't speak for the Pax's durability, but I've dropped my solo on the concrete 2 or 3 times and it still works well.
    Between those two:
    For taste....Solo
    For efficiency.....Solo
    For easier maintenance.....Solo
    For price..........Solo
    For stealth in the lack of smell department.......Solo
    For stealth in a small form factor........Pax
    For less restrictive air flow........Pax
  18. The draw resistance is a bit higher on the Arizer. The PAX has high draw as well, but this can be improved somewhat with a 1/2 packed oven. Still get plenty of vapor.

    One other thing to keep in mind with the PAX is that it requires a very fine grind. The magic flight finishing grinder works great but now you're starting to get nickeled and dimed with extra costs. Just something to consider.

    Go here: Watch his reviews on both.
  19. For under $200, i'd go with the hammer. Its got a lot of good reviews on here and FC.

    If you dont wanna go the butane route though, the firefly is just $50 over the price point ya gave, and its a nice battery powered portable.

    Other notable vapes include the lotus, ascent, and, of course, the ole mflb.
  20. My currently active portable vapes are the Solo and Flight Box. Both are excellent and highly recommended by me!
    If I had to own just one, I would choose the Solo.

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