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Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by JS123UK, Jan 30, 2014.

  1. Hi Guys
    New here.
    I have recently moved to e-cigs and I really want to find some way of vaping my other herbs. I would really like this to be a portable solution.
     I have been checking out online and there seems to be loads and loads of products but checking out reviews on them, it turns out that most end up combusting rather than vaping.
    So is there such a thing as a portable vaporizer that actually works well at vaping dry herbs and not combusting them?
    I would rather spend more on something that works well and stands the test of time rather than going cheap and it causing problems.
    If anyone could reccomend something I can check out that would be great.

  2. Arizer solo, pax by ploom, pinnacle pro, firefly, davinci ascent, inhalator XP.
    Best 3 out of these in my opinion would be the solo, pinnacle, and ascent.
    All of these are good portable just have to do a little research on them and see which one you like best. These are real vaporizers, not a pen that combusts.
  3. There are a lot of good ones and people will generally have different opinions on this.
    Right now, the Firefly, Pinnacle Pro, Arizer Solo, and Lotus all get very strong reviews. The Ascent seems to work well but some units still apparently have issues. The Pax is also good but requires a lot more maintenance than the others do.
    I own the Lotus and it hits as big as any portable I've tried. It's butane torch based, feels a lot like hitting a pipe.
  4. I agree with the above 2 posts as everyone is different and will prefer/have their opinion about each vaporizer. I would recommend the PAX only since you said your kind of new to the vape scene so if your going for easy operation I like the PAX (yes it does require cleaning but it's not hard nor takes long if you take care of it).
    There are so many to choose from though so do some research and try to narrow it down to 2-3 and I am sure people here will do the best they can to help you pick the best for your situation.
  5. Hi 
    Thanks for the response guys.
    I like the stealth of the pax but it seems to be impossible to get in the UK. There are people selling at varying prices on eBay though I see a lot of warnings about fakes.
    I will review the other options and see if they are available in the UK!
    Thanks for the help again.

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