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Best Portable Vaporizer -- Ubie

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by hackro, Jun 3, 2009.

  1. So recently, I bought an 2 Ubie vapes ( for $20 without really doing much research.... It hasn't arrived yet, so i haven't tried it.

    In your opininion, what is the best portable vaporizer? (I want a vape because
    no smell on clothes...)

    I want something that would be easy to slip into my pocket and conceal... I want it to be easy to use so that my friends can use it with me without them having to "learn it".

    Thanks for your advice, and remember to post links.
  2. i have always been curious about the eagle bill vap here on gc. it just seems too simple to be effective.
  3. BTW, it's gotta be dirt cheap. I would buy a vaporgenie, but its too big.
  4. lol. thats like the light bulb vape.

    none are going to be cheaper than that.
  5. The best portable vaporizer is the VaporGenie. The VaporStar comes close though, its just not as portable.
  6. The Ubie is not a bad piece. It works however i would invest in a VaporGenie. The ubie breaks easily and is kinda a bitch to get to the correct temperature, still for the cost it is a good vape.
  7. is the ubie good enough to get a nice long hit? btw, do you have to keep the flame by the glass the whole time?

    Can a vaporgenie honestly fit in one's pocket, and not be visible? That's what i'm looking for in a product.

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