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Best portable vaporizer?? In Feb. 2013

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by 13 degrees, Feb 8, 2013.

  1. I have a pax lol thats why its my opinion that it is the best vaporizer.

    ___________________________________In public, I like to hold my pax up high in the air and scream "i have the powerr!!!"
  2. Have you ever used a convection vape?
  3. I used to be a huge Arizer Solo fanboy, mainly due to the fact that it was the first portable vaporizer I bought. It's still a great vape, but I would check out the Inhalater INH004, this thing rocks! It's so easy to use, more of a convection than conduction vaporizer, huge clouds, uses a standard micro USB to charge, great build quality, huge clouds, adjustable heat settings, not to mention huge clouds!

    They are now offering an upgraded version called INH XP which features a longer battery life, faster warm up, better airflow etc as a pre-order which I'm patiently waiting for.

    Hope this helps.
  4. I was dead sold on the Pax about a month or so ago, then started asking ??'s. I ended up with a Solo, and am very happy. I paid less and got more, almost no maintenance, all glass vapor path.

    Pax has too many issues on this first version IMO.
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    Arizer Solo > Pax and their "old technology" aka the conduction heating... I was very close to buying one until I saw that, and now I'd never buy a Pax for that reason alone
  6. Glass Bat VaporGenie Vaporizers - Manufacturer Direct - $65 I myself believe this is the best portable vape around. Could just be me though. If you don't want to use a lighter to light it, buy wicks. If you do use a lighter don't let the flame touch the glass. If the flame burns without being disturbed ( touching glass, flickering ) it will burn all of the lighter fluid. I say this cause some people bring it up as an issue. Also if the flame touches the glass it will produce a soot that tastes like poo, its the black stuff. If you don't believe this stuff then just use a wick.

    The magic flight lunch box is also an awesome unite. It does cost a little more however, and you either have to deal with charging batteries, or buying an adapter. The genie you have to buy crap tuns of lighters.

    I would get either the magic flight lunch box, or the glass bat vaporgenie.
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    Nah i havnt.
  8. bought my vape pen two weeks ago and oh boy :) :hello: :smoking: best thing since color changing glass :devious: this vape pen is called the E-dab its a oil-concentrate vaporizer. not for dry flower :cool: but this thing does the job so well and made me cut back on my usage of flower and on top it came with 2 pens! :D :):) and my favorite on top of that (my inner nerd coming out) :rolleyes: :eek: is making bho for it and finding the THC% of my bud gets me pumped every time i weight the last batch and im stoned:p :smoking:

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  9. Then you have no idea what vaporizing really is
  10. Your opinion i dont have to experience it to know what it truly is. Oh oh oh you have 3 diff vaporizers surely you know what it is.

  11. Never had the chance to meet a fellow canabis user who only had one smoking piece hahahaha :eek: THIS GUY just like bowls and bongs ppl like diffrents vaporizers I'm geeking over this. Is this real

  12. I have two, the Magic Flight (100% conduction) and the Da Buddha (100% convection). Convection style vaporizers kick ASS against conduction style, vapor quality and vapor production-wise. It is basically shooting hot air at the weed instead of weed coming into direct contact with the heating element. It is a much more efficient and tastier way to get your vapor. You may not know FIRST HAND what differences convection vs. conduction give you, but I'm giving you knowledge about it. :p
  13. Lol i could be a smart-ass and say i have three. Plus im not the type to go out and buy hella pieces just to get the same high.

  14. My MFLB doesn't give the same high as my DBV, just sayin' ;)

    You can't get all of the cannabinoids with a piece that has an unadjustable heat. :wave:
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    Agreed. A MFLB high really can't compare to the volume of vapors you get with desktops like the DBV, or any other vape(including portables) over $150 for that matter
  16. -double facepalm-

    Didn't know we had psychics on the forum.
  17. anyone know about the puffit portable which kind of looks like an inhaler?
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  19. I have 2 portable vapes and they each have their purpose.

    The MFLB is the ultimate stealth vape and I use it at concerts, clubs, anytime I am out and about where discretion is advised.

    Number 2 is the Iolite, I use it in the car, camping, sitting out on the porch. Anyplace where the warmup time and hissing noise are not an issue.

    - Bill
  20. Wow Bill. Just goes to show ya the wide varying opinions on vapes. The Iolite was my least favorite vape and the MFLB came in second as my least favorite vape, both conduction vapes.

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