Best Portable Vapo for Oil

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  1. Hi all,

    I have decided to take the plunge and get myself a vaporizor after trying one for the very first time and enjoying it. I was wondering what everyones opinion on the best portable vaporizor is for hash oil. I really love that Launch Box, but from what I have read it is strictly for herb :( Price is no issue.
  2. Essential Vape Portable Vaporizer from Heady Glass.
    Absolute final answer!
    end of thread.
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    holy shit that is cheap.

    and it works with buds AND oil?

    how is there water attachment?

    ps, its only 89 on there site!!
  4. ^^ I agree. It's not only the best, but I believe the only portable vape for oil but for bud, I'd go with the LaunchBox.
  5. Abyss Glass - Handheld Vapor Globe Pipe

    $85.00 from ALT.

    not exactly a portable vaporizer..but for hash oil this will probably get the job done.
  6. Thanks guys.....can the essential vaap only do oil? I guess if thats the case I will get myself the essential vaap as well as an MFLB as sometimes its nice to sit down and smoke some herbs also.

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