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Best Portable Vape?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Headin2Mars, May 12, 2010.

  1. I have most definitly decided I'm going to invest in a vaporizer sometime in the next week. I already know the only way I'm going to buy a vape is if it has nice portability and his handheld. I'm not looking for an extremely expensive top of the line vape, but I will let you know I have a budget of 150$ so the Iolite is out of the question.

    I'm open to any suggestion and appreciate any opinions listed. Heres what I have been checking out:

    I thought this was pretty nice when I hit my friends, but then again I have smoked 2 vapes in my life so what do I know?
    Vapir Oxygen Mini Vaporizer - VaporizerDealer - Herb Vaporizers & Cheap Grinders

    And I have heard many great things about this badboy.
    Magic-Flight Launch Box Portable Herbal Vaporizer Kit -
  2. Magic Flight Box is all you need. I don't have one but i have heard nothing but great reviews about it and i will be getting one very soon and i cannot wait.

  3. i love my MFLB get it asap
  4. +1 magic flight launch box
  5. magic flight launch you can get an iolite off of ebay/amazon for around $140.
  6. I do love my Vapir oxygen, though. Great temp. control, nice taste (after heating the plastic smell out) and super portable.
  7. Magic Flight Launch Box. You will never look back, and the lifetime waranty sealed the deal for me.
  8. MFLB all the way!

    apparently people like my explanation of it in my video as a few people said it was the deciding factor in their purchase of one.

    [ame=]YouTube - How to use the Magic Flight Launch Box portable vaporizer[/ame]

    I love mine... had it for a few months now and still use it from time to time
  9. MFLB!!!!!!!!!! I fucking love mine. Be sure to get extra batteries though, they die pretty quickly.
  10. Mflb from puffitup You get an oz of spearmint leaf plus a four piece aluminum grinder
  11. You know what's weird? I've NEVER had my batteries die.... and I didn't charge them for a whole week once.. used it every day.
  12. Magic Flight Launch Box. Can't beat a high rated vaporizer with a life time warranty
  13. MFLB definitely. I don't know what the hell everyone else does to their batteries but mine only died once. That was when I spent an entire day with 2 other people vaping out of my mflb.
  14. How many hits do you take per session?!
  15. launch box, definitely. i just ordered mine like a week or so back too :D
  16. Definitely the MLFB, I would buy one in a second if I was reasonably convinced that it would properly release CBD instead of just THC.
  17. ^

    if you're a smoker buying the vape just for fun like me, why not smoke the AVB in a bowl if you want CBD?
  18. I <3 You. no homo. I was about to buy MFLB and 4 piece grinder separate.
  19. Have you purchased it yet? Defenately get a nice 2 pc Grinder with the Launchbox, they compliment each other so well. A few extra batteries, depending on how much you toke, is also a good idea. Enjoy!! And report back once you´ve tried it :) It will blow you away.

  20. Plus they have google checkout. Done deal. +rep

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