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  1. Hello, I have never purchased my own vape. I have used my friends a few times. He has the MFLB and it works great but I wanted to see what you guys thought. What was better. I am not looking to spend over $150. I'm looking mainly for whatever gives the best high. It doesn't need to be super stealthy just something that will fit in my pocket and looks good. Thanks in advance and sorry for noobness.

  2. I only have experience with the MFLB and one vape pen. The vape pen I bought was horrible(vapor cone elite) and I've very happy with the MFLB. I've used a Solo once at a friends and it seemed to work well and gave bigger hits than my MFLB if I remember correctly. I would definitely pick up the power adapter as well if you get the MFLB. You WILL spend the extra 60 bucks eventually....whether it be on the PA or batteries.
  3. The Vapman is an excellent portable vape, inexpensive, very effective and very well built. This unit needs a torch lighter to function and next year (but you didn't hear from me) they will launch a charging station for this unit, making it the first hybrid vaporizer on the market. 
  4. I would say that would be the Ploom by Pax
  5. the da vinci vape is what i have.rechargeable ,stealthy,good quality vapor,fast heat up times-just awesome :bongin:
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    The MFLB is what I have, and I personally like it, and it seems to fit what you're looking for as far as size and price. The batteries, however, can be a real pain in the ass to keep charged. It's a great little vape that can be used discretely.
  7. The solo is definitely the way to go, it's not pen sized, but it's worth carrying a 'manbag' for...!

    Have any Arizer Solo owners got a power supply to power up and use (rather than charge) their Solo...?
    The reason I ask is that I want one, but they're around £40... Can't help feeling this is just a tad over priced..!
    If you have one, could you please post on here what the small print on it is (voltage is 9v I think, but don't know the the milli amps or anything)
    Thanks for reading me!
  8. Did people even read what OP wrote? Under $150, that takes out the pax. Wants to fit in pocket, that takes out the solo. You might be able to find a davinci for under 150, maybe. Vapman is an over priced vapor genie, I wouldnt recommend it.
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    the dragon lite vaporizer is great just got mine a few days ago and it works great its only 30$ for usa and 40$ international its like the magic flight box but alot cheaper and just as effective despite what people say so its a great vaporizer if you dont want to dish out too much cash at first
  11. Arizer solo with end caps to preload stems. If you're wearing shorts the solo fits perfectly with a preloaded stem ready to go in the other pocket. Just my 2 cents.

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