Best Portable Vape? Debate!

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by mattstermh, Aug 6, 2012.

  1. I currently own a Da Buddha and a Volcano. I love both, but I want to sell the Volcano to invest in something more portable.

    I've heard great things about the MFLB, but also issues with the battery and what not.

    What is the overall BEST portable vape, and why?
  2. This is a great subject for debate. I currently own the MFLB, and it's awesome for what it does... but sadly, it doesn't seem to hold a candle to the higher end portables.

    I've never used, but the PAX by Ploom seems to be the newest wunderkind.

  3. If all vaporizers were free, there is no doubt that the PAX would be the best choice for a concealable and efficient portable. I wish it came out before I bought my Iolite!
  4. I may end up buying the pax....
  5. How come theres a new "portable vape" thread every couple days? There should be one stickied rather than seeing a new thread and the same responses every other day.

    I vote Solo, otherwise I'm outta here.
  6. I bought the Pax for $263 (2 day shipping) from vapeworld.

    Cheers fellas

  7. I think everyone on the board is jealous of you in one way or another right now. ;)

  8. Now I don't have any cash lol. Gotta sell the cano!

  9. Bahaha, I'm considering selling Da Buddha. Too bad the PAX isn't easily hooked up to a bong or bubbler...
  10. So if you can't afford a pax and still want a portable vaporizer that doesn't give off too bad of a weed smell, what's everybody's opinion?

  11. My vote goes to the Magic Flight Launch Box, mainly due to its price and stealthiness. It gets me very high! Not as high as a PAX or a desktop vape, but the MFLB definitely gets the job done.

  12. That's what I was leaning towards, thanks man. I have a few non weed smoking people I'll be rooming with soon so I want something a little stealthy but one that also doesn't make the room wreak of weed..just to be respectful of them because I'm sure they're not going to want to smell it.

  13. Then it sounds like the MFLB is the perfect choice. 2012 Latest Model Magic Flight Launch Box: Electronics
  14. I have both the MFLB & Vaporgenie pipe. I would say for portability and being able to take it where you want, I like the Vaporgenie, and its only $60 for the classic and $65 for the metal.
  15. I think the mflb is honestly the worst portable that is still worth purchasing, along with the vapor genie.

    The contenders are Solo, Inhalator, Thermovape, Da Vinci, and Pax. They all have their own strengths and weaknesses though. I don't think pax is a clear winner though. Its probably the most portable, but that doesn't make it the best portable. Complete conduction is still a bit of a turn off.
  16. I vote the Arizer solo. But what has been sparking my interested is the PAX. But i cant be buying vapes all the time. My next purchase will definitely be the PAX. Looks legit.
  17. +1. The PAX looks pretty cool, but not a big fan of the complete conduction. That and it hasn't been out long enough to know the reliability of the unit after 4-6 months, or even longer.

    MFLB is a piece of a wood with a heating element, not worth it.

    I'm a big fan of the Solo. Heats up within 2 mins, good desktop quality vapor, long battery life (about 8 12minute sessions, maybe more), charges up in 2 hours, and can easily be connected to a bong without any adapters.

    Disadvantages is the glass stems are kind of big and the unit itself is about the size of a redbull can, so not super small.

    What I do is cut the bottom off a water bottle, and then slide the Solo from the bottom and hold it like that. The straight stem sticks out about 1" out of teh water bottle and you walk around and toke away.

    Buying the PAX which just recently came out for $250 when the Solo has been out for more than a year now with very good success for $155-160 is not something I would personally do.

    I'm a big fan of waiting a few months to see how the unit holds up. I waited about 8 months for the Solo and heard nothing but good things and then took the plunge. Been 5 months of using it 3-4 times a day with zero problems.
  18. I can't believe I forgot about the Solo! :eek:

    Definitely a much better choice than the MFLB for vapor quality.

  19. Solo or MFLB for my situation?

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