Best places to meet girls who smoke?

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by Namek, Nov 24, 2014.

  1. In your experience, what are the best places to chat up girls who are into weed? Not including online or bars/clubs.

  2. Prison

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  3. community college
  4. music festivals
  5. My school!
    It an alternate school so nuff said, everyone in the damn school smoke (including teachers)
  6. college.
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  7. The weed shop man. :laughing:
  8. Raggae festivals or pink floyd concerts. 420 events.
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  9. Pastry section of the grocery store.
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  10. waow how do you know where to meet girls who smoke? divorceeee
  11. rehab
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  12. Id say dispensaries, or look for hippy type chicks, long free flowing hair, regular T shirt maybe with a classic rock logo on to it, bell bottom jeans, all star kicks. Not all one out fit, and not every chick wearing those items. Youll feel it when you come across one. Simply ask or turn them on to it. Hey gangbanger broads might smoke the chronic to.
  13. You can't find them because their out dating losers and making bad decisions. Hard up.

    Women online who are 4/20 friendly usually state that right in their profile, so instead of looking for a girlfriend, look online for friends.
  14. Honestly, online IS a good route. I met my boyfriend of 1.5 years so far online, we've never fought or works out.
  15. School, if you go. Whether it be High School or College. Or, go wherever the scene is around you, and wear a tee with a big-ass pot leaf or something, and get to talking. Anyone who is against it won't hang around long. Anyone who's chill might ask you if you wanna go smoke with them lol
  16. Don't worry we're out there ;D online is always a good place to start. School, parties/events, maybe clubs, bars, etc. honestly there's girls anywhere you go who smoke.
  17. go down to your local college. Walk up to attractive girls (that are alone) and ask them if they want to smoke a joint
  18. Starbucks is where all the hipsters hang out.

    Better chance it and go to the nearest mall to scoop up some new snatch.
  19. I'm wondering where to meet just people who smoke. I'm married so girl or guy doesn't matter. It's been nearly impossible so far. 32/f/married/no kids/full time at home housewife lol

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