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Best places to hotbox

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ternalator, Mar 11, 2012.

  1. So wheres your favourite place to hotbox? Excluding places like cars, bathrooms, tents etc cus everyone already knows about em. Looking for ideas.
  2. Empty dumpsters
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  3. Airplane lavatory.
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  4. Car or bathroom with running hot shower
  5. its hard to find anywhere that isn't at risk of being busted by the five O
  6. in a washing machine
  7. I like hotboxing cars but its really not practical unless you're just going to sit in the garage. Every time we do that driving someone spots a cop and everyone rolls the windows down as fast as they can and we have to start over.
  8. Obviously in a small cardboard box.
  9. I own a Smart Car. Easy to hotbox

  10. lol...
  11. I have a small (secrete) cave underground.You get down in it and smoke.It's a small place.

    Now imagine you are underground and all the wall's around you are dirt.Now imagine with that a hot-box.

    This is where I hot-box :smoke:
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  12. I like to hot box in my asshole, see what you do is when your about to blow out unclench your checks of the butt. Then blow the smoke in there. Then clench for the life of all things good. Now it might be hard to do this if you still have your bottom two ribs so here how to fix thoses pesky ribs. Now for this you will need 3 hot dogs, a theme song and a shark tooth attached to a baby rhino. Then say beep dick in a stick I'm mexican and eat the hot dogs.

  13. No more for you.
  14. build a shed in your backyard, park in the driveway and box, look for old cabins in the forest, look for bathrooms on trails at the park, goto mcdonalds playground, treehouse, little kids playhouse, under a cardboard box, inside a submarine, at school if you lock the bathroom door, in a fort that you build out of blankets, in a barn

    thats all i got right now
  15. Seasoned tokers don't hotbox, teenage newbies hotbox.
  16. I don't like hotboxing at all. I don't feel like I get much higher than just plain smoking, so it doesn't feel like its worth the general discomfort of choking on your own exhaled smoke.
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  17. There are seasoned tokers who enjoy it; don't be an asshole who shoots down the opinions of others.
  18. back of a cop car is the best

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