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best places to hide while in car????

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by whoakevo, Feb 11, 2009.

  1. hey guys i was thinking the only time im at risk is of gettin in trouble with the law is when i go pick up an o or something so i was wondering where do you guys hide your stuff in your car if you gotta go pick it up or something?
  2. Try to find a part of the car that comes loose you can easily put back together. I'n my car the center console comes loose and i can easily fit an o in there. Try your ac or your center console, or maybe somewhere in your trunk, can always make a little stash box in the trunk.
  3. in the trunk, with the spare tire. RARELY searched, and wont smell. double bag it if youre a paranoid SOB.

  4. Just drive carefully, seriously. Chances are if they stop you, they'll get a dog that'll find it anyway. Seriously.
  5. every car has its own'll find one if you just look around lie
  6. One of my buddies last year needed money and so ran a shit ton of coke up from Mexico. Not lying !!!!! the car he used had a box under the car to put the coke in and had a string running through the floor to the drivers side. At the pull of the string, the hatch flipped open and dropped the coke (allowing to quickly ditch the coke in a pinch) it was pretty sweet. So if you can engineer something like that haha post pics
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    A lot of this has been said in other threads, but I thought I'd reiterate some of it.

    Tips for staying safe:

    1) If you are making a pickup, DO NOT DRIVE STONED, even if you normally drive stoned. (Note: You should never drive high. Not only are you more apt to get in a wreck (sure, much less likely than if you were piss drunk, but I say "bullshit" to anyone who says they drive just as well stoned as sober), but if you get pulled over and the cop can tell, he is much more likely to search your car.

    2) Don't break any traffic laws. Not getting pulled over makes it pretty unlikely you'll be searched :)

    3) Ensure your pickup is not in plain view. If you get pulled over and you have a bag that is in any way visible to the cop, your screwed. If its not in plain sight, the cop would need probable cause to search.

    4) If the cop does ask for your permission to search, SAY NO. Never consent to a search.

    That is just a brief list of things you can do... if you pick up serious weight there is other stuff you should be doing, but I don't know much about that. Check out for some other tips.

    EDIT: The above applies to larger pickups that cannot be easilly hidden somewhere. If you are just driving with a small amount on you, like a joint or two, keep it out of sight but near enough to grab and eat if you do get pulled over.
  8. i have gotten caught for possession and para. is that probable cause to be searched? its not on my record anymore so im not sure if they can look that up if i got pulled over
  9. bump! can somebody answer this?? i too want to know
  10. If u get pulled over with a small amount like a couple grams. You can pul out your ashtray from ur car and put it there, then put the ashtray back in its spot.My car's cup holders also come out and I can put weed there, then put the cup holder back over it :)
  11. in the trunk in the compartment with the spare tire.

    find something that pops out and pops back in place in ur car. for example, im my car, the fuse box is near the door jam in the driver side door. the cover pops right off so u can get to the fuses, and theres a little metal ledge above the fuses that i can shove at least a half O in. just get crative.

    if all ive got on me is a dub or 2, my ash tray pops out and i shove the bud under there and pop it back in.

    as for past paraphernalia charges, i doubt that is probable cause to search your car, especially if its no longer on ur record.
  12. If it is off your record I thinik they might still have probable cause..:mad: I hope im wrong!!!!:hello:.. but i think im right!!!:cry:
  13. IANAL, but here is my guess:

    Prior crimes are probably NOT probable cause for a search. Take a hypothetical felon who had been convicted of murder, then released after 25 years. I think the cops would be in a lotta shit if they bust into his house saying "You have killed before, so we are gonna search for bodies in your house."

    I'd be very surprised if a prior possession charge gave police probable cause to search you. The NAACP and ACLU would be all over that one...

    That said, if they ran your license and that did come up, it would probably make them more likely to ASK if they can search your car. I'd go with "no, you can't search my car"
  14. When I was moving Ps not Os I had 2 spare tires. One under my truck, they other in back, the one under my truck I emptied of air, and cut it open and put it all in there. If they asked why I had a second spare its cause the mechanism was broken to drop the tire down. Another way is to have a cooler full of soda, and some packaged meats(say your going to a NBA/MLB/NFL game party). double bag the O, and push it in the meat package. Even if they have a dog they are more probably to think the dog wants the meat lol. Just have one of your boys in on the story just in case.

    Its not probable cause if you have a prior convict, they have to see something present for it to be probable. Never say NO( that can be used for probable cause)...or YES(cause then they can search your car). A trick I learned from my driving instructor (retired statie) is to say, "Im sorry but I can't confirm nor deny your request Sir." That way your not say NO, or YES, and they can't do shit.
  15. what if the cop asks you have you ever been arrested? and what for? and you have a o on you in the car some where should you tell the truth or say you have never been arrested
  16. You are incorrect... saying NO to a request to search you is not probable cause to search you. It is asserting your 4th amendment right against unreasonable search and seizure.
    See here for a description by NORML of your rights under the 4th amendment.

    If they ask if you are high, saying NO is not probable cause for them to search you. (Although if they think you are high, and smell pot, that likely is probable cause). But, regardless, saying "no" is not probable cause.

    The only place saying "no" can get you in trouble, as far as I know, is refusing to take a breathalyzer test. In that case, the penalty for saying "no" is about the same as failing the test.
  17. Hmm... I would probably tell the truth here for the following reason:
    If you get pulled over (I have been pulled over 3 times in my life), the almost always pull up your license information. (The only time I didn't have my info pulled up was when I was pulled over by a bike cop on a college campus for going through a crosswalk right after a pedestrian had stepped onto it... he just wrote me a ticket).

    So, if they have a car, its almost certain they will go pull up your record to see if you have any outstanding warrants against you, whether your license is actually valid (ie: if they suspended it for something but didn't actually seize it), and probably your criminal records.

    If you lie and say you have never been arrested, and then they see that you have been, I would think that will generate a LOT more suspicion than just saying yes. If you lie and they find out, they are going to think you had a reason to lie.

    Having a prior arrest record is (almost certainly) NOT probable cause to search you. (but they may ask)
  18. your stomach. ik someone who got pulled over with an o and two kids ate a quo each so they would only have an O on them. if you have under a quarter, especially a small amount like a bowl to a gram, and you know your car smells like weed, eat it, and if you have passengers they can help. make sure you get it all out so no shake is left inside the bag. you usually need a drink to get it down, though, but its do-able. you could maybe carry around a paper bag with a bag of chips in it and then you can throw the plastic bag inside it and say you had a sandwich.

    but if youre constantly riding dirty and need a good spot...

    i think it depends on how much youre carrying. if you just picked up an O, triple bag it, empty your windwhield wiper washer fluid and put it in there. cops rarely check the engine.

    another place for an O, though risky, you could tape it underneath your front bumper, but thats outside your car and could fall off while driving, and could be seen by an officer if he stuck his head underneath to check.

    where i always put my pieces and bags if i need to stash them is underneath a section of my center console pieces where you put the drinks and the ash tray is. it all comes up, so i just put it under there. even if a cop searched my car he couldnt find that shit, cause what ive heard, its illegal to dismantle your car to search for something.

    but, something else that is a really great spot to hide shit if youre driving and get pulled over and dont know what to do. get in your driver seat, then feel for where the leather or cloth ends. see if you can stick your fingers up inside between the foam and the leather, or if its sealed off at the end of the leather/fabric.

    if its not sealed shut, you can easily stuff a bag length-wise (so its not crumpled up and sticks out of the leather obviously) into the seat between the inside of leather and the foam of your seat. cops would never find that spot imo, they only look under the seat, not IN it.

    i know someone who actually picked at and ripped out a section of the foam in his seat so that, while sitting in the drivers seat driving, he could reach his hand under his seat and put it where the empty space of foam was in the seat on the side inner to the middle. in fact, i know that person had their car searched numerous times on one occasion, and they couldnt find the pipe cause it was IN the seat. they only figured out he had a pipe on him when a kid who had bud on him ratted him out for having a pipe.

    there's always your trunk inside/under the spare tire.

    if you dont have a good spot planned, then think on the spot.

    ive heard of people stuffing bags to the bottom of slushies they had and got searched fine. ive heard of people having big vats of powder of kreatine that they put stuff in the bottom of when they were getting pulled over. carry around some stuffing tobacco and shove the buds to the bottom of the bag, then you can say you have papers for rolling your own cigarrettes, especially if they saw you smoking a joint. if there isnt something obvious, get creative, and go by any means necessary to keep yourself from obtaining a possession ticket.

    AND just some things i'd like to note that are at least true for our state, if you get pulled over with a scale and the batteries are inside of it, you can get charged for intent to sell. so, if you get pulled over and have a digi on you, pop out the batteries, and never carry a scale that has white or bud hairs/kief or any shit on it. after you weigh something rinse your tray off.

    AND finally, ive always had this idea... if you had a bottle of ammonia in your car, could you drop your pipe in it and take it out, and would that make the pipe's resin untestable for THC? i got the idea from the boondock saints when they spray their blood, haha...
  19. what do you guys think about the gas tank like the part between the lid and the cap that covers the lid? has anyone had a cop pop open your gas latch and look in there while gettting searched i cant remember if the cop looked at mine

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