Best placement for in-line vent booster?

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  1. Hi GC peeps,

    Any Ventilation experts here know where the best place for a in-line duct fan is in a system? I have a 179cfm vortex fan sucking through a CF, pushing it down ~25ft of light with a few slight bends and turns but nothing more than maybe 20degrees. I think that the system could benefit from something like this to help keep the air moving. If that sounds like a good idea, where would it be best installed in the existing system? I figured maybe halfway between the fan and the exit point :confused:

    I had one other question, I was looking to put in an air cooled reflector but currently the system is all 4" ducting, would it hurt much to get a 6"-4" reducer on each end of the reflector and keep the rest of the system at 4"?
  2. If it was me I'd run a seperate system for the vented hoods. Just duct air from outside the room through the lights and back out. Then it won't screw with your co2 balance and won't put extra miles on your CF.
  3. whats the specs on the room?

    it IS a good idea, if you plan to use an air-cooled hood to run it separate, cuz if the ducting to and from the hood is SEALED you dont need to filter it...
    then depending if your exhuast fan is too small, thus, the upgrade, you could purchase a second booster fan and set it up as an INTAKE at the bottom...just a though
  4. How strong of fan do you need to cool 1-2 lights with no more than 20ft of ducting? I could pump air from outside in then back out to cool some lights on a short chunk of ducting, or for near the same cost I think I could just purchase a window A/C unit and run that on the room without cooling the lights directly.

    Thoughts on that?
  5. I have about 14 feet of 4 in duct. First, you can geta pyrex bake tube for 20$ ebay it is 4 inch duct capatable. I have my carbon scrubber, then a "booster" inline fan, then the line, then a light cooltube, then more line, and finally my main fan which isnt a vortex but approx 230 cfm i believe. I think your vortex may be small for 20' but, if you have the booster it will work.

  6. Are you saying you use a pyrex bake tube like the ones on ebay, and you put that around the light and not get a ducted hood?
  7. either or, they both are good. a vented hood is just more cash money, a pyrex tube has a 20~ dollar conversion to hold the light
  8. Can you elaborate on the pyrex tube design?

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