Best place you've ever smoked?

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  1. Where's your fondest memory of smoking? I have two. My two best friends and I climbed up a tree in their back yard, and smoked up there. It was amazing, totally cured my irrational fear of falling. xD
    My second favorite place to smoke was this one creek we have around where I live lead to an underground tunnel type thing, with a little water fall at the end. So what were some of the best places you've smoked?

  2. anywhere! lol but for real for real, me and my friends in philly found this "beach" at our school. it was a sand bank thing on this river and we had a chairs and music and shit out there and it was just chill as fuck. we ended up going there all the time and eventually had a tent out there ad shit and would hot box the tent then fish and drink beer.
  3. nice, sounds like a good time!
    my favorite place that i have smoked would be in a Preist's backyard in his Gazeebo(he didn't know we were even in there)
    and my second favorite place would be on the lifts at Lutsen when im snowboarding and you can see all the forests and its just so beautiful!
  4. i went on an "adventure" one time back in freshman year of high school.... me and my friend alex right by his house is this sick creek that was good for fishing and lead to a huge resevoir if u felt like following it for that long haha;;;; i remember i had my first bowl (a sherlock pipe my sister gave to me) and 2 g's of haze.... spent like 4 hours on a sunny day in the summer just blazing and taking in nature... fucking incredible

    also theres a mountain about 5 miles from my house and during the day u can sit there and blaze and see over an entire part of my city. ive always found it sketchy but its cool
  5. In an indoor marijuana garden and all over the place when i went on vacation to vancouver.
  6. hell yeah! that sounds like a damn good time
  7. At my Home Hardware smoke box :)
    haha its a tiny little wooden shed that looks like a garbage bin, we stuff 4 poeple in and hot box that mofo :smoke:
  8. somewhere with a good view of the sunset. nothing better than toking with a few mates while watching the sun go down on a summer night
  9. I must say, at Glastonbury festival was the best place i've ever smoked. Amazing music, wellingtons , no makeup and a tent. It's seriously one of the only situations you can not give a fuck about anything and just have fun :)

    But recently, after me and my friends are going home after a night of drinking.
    Walking with a beer in one hand and a joint in the other. wicked end to a great nights.

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  10. One time me and my buddy went on a country dip then ended up at this huge ass cliff overlooking the entire area. Of course we decided that we had to scale the cliff and smoke a blunt once we had reached the apex. Well this cliff was ~200 feet tall I'd say and was craggy and rocky and I busted my ass and hands trying to get up.

    Eventually though, we made it and smoked a blunt of some chronic on top of the world. It was the coolest thing, you could see for miles. We stayed up there for probably an hour and a half until the sun started to set and then we had to find our way down which is a story for another time.
  11. smokey mountains last summer.

    and the year before that me and a friend smoked on one of those trampolines that float on the water up at his cottage in wisconsin.
  12. In the indian Ocean, fuck the waters so clear.
  13. most memorable and fondest place would be the porch at my old house. cause i smoked there basically everyday after high school, such a view, always loved just sitting there smoking a bong and looking into nature.

    and a flick:
  14. On a statue in the middle of one of the most prestigious colleges at 9 30 at night.:D
  15. In a playground at night time, me and my boy went into a tunnel together and brought along a tinfoil pipe and just smoked it right there
  16. Mmm I guess up north at the cottage, sitting on the dock with a full moon and a completely still lake :)
  17. I listen to some of the best music and smoke some of the best weed in my camper with friends. We find songs we like and talk about shit.

    I'm going to build another of those memories tomorrow.
  18. on the side of big sky looking around at all the mtns and on peets hill in bozeman watching the night end and the day begin
  19. Down from a hill beside my house i've got a creek and just the most amazing area to be at. I am there everyday no matter the weather but this winter in georgia has been hot :] My friends that come over all the time want to go down their just to smoke and we explore the same areas and always discover new things. But on Friday some punk ass 10 year old kids were down pouring oil and bubble soap into the creek fucking everything up and moving shit around. >:|

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