Best Place To Store Your Nuggs

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by wmcody, Sep 26, 2009.

  1. okay im saving nugs from every sack i get so that when snowboarding comes around i have a jar of a bunch of diffrent kinds. but i just wanted to know where the best place to store them would be. i have them in an air tight jar in the fridge right now...
  2. LOL no need to refrigerate bro, just keep them in an airtight jar somewhere.
  3. mason jar in a dark cool area, im doing the same thing.

  4. you dont think the fridge keeps em fresher? i just dont want mold on them

  5. It's just unnecessary, that's all. It won't get moldy as long as there isn't an excess of moisture in the jar.

  6. alright man ill take your word for it, and i just read that if you keep it in the freezer it makes the THC fall off and shit anyways.
  7. i just put my bud in a little baggy and store it in my old film camera, by far the safest place to put anything cause if someone were to try and open it you can just say theres a roll of film and there and you dont want to ruin it. plus it stays air tight

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