Best place to store weed[My way]

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  1. Hey guys, this is my first post here and I thought I'd share one of my more better put to use tips for all you guys who need to hide your bud.Imma make a list of things needed and then a how to build.

    -Parts list
    UNOPENED Can of soda
    Pill bottle
    tissue paper/toilet paper
    -Your bud

    1.So with the unopened soda can, anywhere poke a small (knife poke sized) hole anywhere in the can, and just lightly squeeze the soda out, itll take a while but it will be worth it

    2. Now, once the soda can is completely emptt but again unopened(dont open from tab on top) cut off the top of the can, about mabye half an inch down the can.

    3.Now, inside the bottom of the can place your pill bottle and around the bottle stuff it with toilet paper so the bottle doesnt rattle and move around

    4.Now with the top of the can, take the top of the pill bottle, and glue it to the top of the can so the pill bottle top will screw onto the pill bottle.

    5.Now just screw on the top of the pill bottle, if you cut the top of the can cleanly which you should it should look like you have a completely new unopened can of soda that will look exactly what it is, an unopened can of soda, now comeon, who would suspect weed in a can of soda :)

    Im sorry no pictures, my soda can is currently in parent avoid mode, which is where it sits there and looks like a can of soda.But thanks for reading and i hope some people try this out! If you do post pics!
  2. what if someone is thirsty?
  3. Why not buy one of those stash cans.

  4. Funny story about that, I was going to be smoking with my friend, and i asked him to go into my backpack and grab my bowl, i was texting somebody or something but i just wasnt paying attention, im sitting there and i here a *snap* and i look over, and he goes "dude something is wrong with your soda" and im like "well thats not soda thats my weed container" and that night we ripped a few bowls and built a few more of those containers.

  5. Why buy if this stuff is generally in any common-mans house?
  6. [quote name='"Vindication"']

    Why buy if this stuff is generally in any common-mans house?[/quote]

    Because these ones feel like there is actually soda in it.
  7. Well that is true, but this design is more of a just oh look a soda can type thing, not one where if someone picked it up it would feel like one, generally the people who will be around this can will be smoking with me or just see the can, not many people walk up and lift up peoples cans of soda without a reason.haha
  8. Yeah you can buy ones online that would be far more realistic. Good idea though OP.
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  9. ok then why not make one like the real deal by sealing the bottle in the can with a heavy substance that dry's hard.. plumber's puddy or somthing... the coolest stash cans are the soda or water bottles that come apart in the middle and have liquid on both side's its perfect.. wish i still had mine.. az ices tea cans are pretty cool to

    but just a qustion why poke a small hole in it if you are just going to take the top off with a can opener>?
  10. your mom: "jeff, why has there randomly been an unopened can of Pepsi in your room for 3 years?"
    you: " because i'm more of a Coke kinda guy"
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