Best place to meet girls...

Discussion in 'General' started by Cloud10_2003, Aug 17, 2012.

  1. i have no need for whores and sluts and uninformed stupid people so for me its
    barnes & noble met my ex there.....she was the shit but she moved and long distance is shit....whats your place.
  2. anywhere, just take a look outside and you can see women.
  3. dog park, clubs, bars, weddings, funerals,trains busses malls every where
  4. The bar or club
  5. Girls like to hang around the mall, their school, each others houses, sleepovers, etc.
    Grown women, however, you can't just find in one place.
  6. in barnes and noble theres alot of nerdy college girls and a fair amount of single milfs.
  7. Parties, music festivals, or if i'm feeling studious; the library.

  8. Milfs at b&n?!? I know where my illiterate ass is going saturday.
  9. Ive been with my current gf 8 years I have no game and no spot to hook up.
  10. Yeah....

    You can find grown women at the library and running at the local track or park. At least in my area. Pretty easy to talk to a person while running but you gotta be out there too. Which presents a problem for stoners.
  11. ...and then you have to tell her that you smoke Mj? ...better to pull her here and then you can share in

  12. Yoga class.
  13. yea i've met a few nice girls there.

  14. Ah yeah

  15. Ya know, I never really though about it but thats true:laughing:
  16. Art colleges, all the bitches there toke up and are sexy as fuuuckkk.
  17. psychology classes

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