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  1. Right now im 18 going into my final year of high school and i still havnet decided where i want to live. or even really what i want to do. I live in south dakota and probably dont want to live here my whole life. Dont get me wrong i love south dakota. im kinda the outdoors like person. camping fishing hunting etc... also i want to be somewhere were marijuana is generally accepted. maybe decriminalized. I dont want to move far from S.Dakota but i would like to relocate after i graduate to somwhere close. nice clean enviroment, nice people, easy access to mj wihtout worrying about harsh penalties. and i need to make sure it is affordable living. Do any of you blades know of a place like this? i was thinking maybe canada somewhere not too far from South Dakota. maybe Manitoba or Ontario. or somewhere else in the states. Any Advice? :confused: :smoke:
  2. Lets get some feedback on here people
  3. i would take northern Ontario any day! quiet and no neighbours;)
  4. Move to Cafe Del Mar dude.
  5. Yeah i think it would be nice somewhere up by the bay too. I wonder how the weather is around that area. :rolleyes:
  6. Haha never been there before but iv heard of it. Chill Music and nice sunsets right?
  7. Hell yeah man, best place for a stoner! :wave:
  8. Thats quite a ways away from me tho
  9. I've always had this fantasy of living in Portland, Oregon kind of up in the mountains overlooking downtown, and of course, getting high all the time. That or a beach bum in San Diego.
  10. Right now, my garage is a great place. Lota buds. The woods is nice too but living there... no, I don't think so.
  11. I wanna move to Montana, the San Diego life is not for me.
  12. Alberta or British Columbia, Canada
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    Can't make a strong case against BC or Montana, as I love the memories I have of both places. But I've yet to find a place better than Madison WI. Chilled out town with good, intelligent, fun-loving people. Great college town, sports town, great party town, always good bud. If you can stand the cold, give it a try. Or just visit on a football Saturday in the fall; you won't be disappointed.
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    Abandon the Oregon fantasy unless you like rain.... alot. Fuck we haven't even had a day above 90 this whole summer. I'm outta here as soon as I can be

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    Colorado man...pretty much fits your description
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