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best place to hide weed during police encounters

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by CAZx7, Aug 12, 2008.

  1. where is the best place to have weed hidden during a police encounter? i was thinking ipath shoes or in a deodorant stick but those places are not to good if the cop is smart. so what would you say some good stash spots are.
  2. Go oldschool and do what christopher walken did with that watch in pulp fiction.

  3. swallow it.. or hidden behind the dash.. pop something out and stash the weed and pop it back i
  4. In some older cars you can simply pop the top off of an A/C vent. put your stash in there and then pop it right back on... works in my 2000 toyota corolla and my friends dodge neon.

    I'm pretty sure its the same deal for a lot of other cars
  5. pretty vague question but,

    in your pocket..
  6. Maybe under the foot mats? but idk if cops would check under the carpet. I know someone who hides his stuff in the woofer in his trunk.
  7. i modify my shoes to hold my weed. but if the popo comes and your in a car get it out of your pocket or wherever it is but do it so its not noticable(sp). Then you take off your shoe and put the weed in the very front and curl your toes so you can fit in your shoes still. If you wanna do wha ti do.. i just get my shoe.. and cut a hole that is about the size as an ounce of weed would be. so i do that then cut off whatever part of the shoe would fiill in the hole.and then you only have a cap.. you then use superglue to glue that on cause you can always cut superglue. or if your shoes rubber ish on the bottle do that but instead of superglue burn it together. then when you get weed youcut it open again put it in and thenseal it like you did before. but i dont reccomend burning it since it may just make the hole bigger.
  8. i dont advise having weed in ur pocket when u are in a situation involving police
  9. haha. an ounce of weed in a shoe? :smoking:
  10. yup yup an ounce of weed in a shoe
  11. I was told my a lawyer friend that if they want to search your car to put it in your purse when u get out of ur car. I don't know if that helps you, you could try a booksack instead. When u get out of the car take the bag with u and 'wear' it. If u are wearing it, it is no longer part of the car, but part of your person (and they are less likely to search it then)
  12. For general stashing, I've heard about putting it behind the airvents and what not, if your about to get searched, always under the cockles man, it's the only foolproof way.
  13. My radio is combined with the AC, so it's not a typical head unit. You need a special kind of tool to open it, which I keep in the console of my car. I can quickly open up the head unit and shove the weed behind it. There's no way a cop would even know what the tool is used for, so it's a pretty good spot. Unfortunately, all of my encounters with the police were before I had even thought of this idea, so I haven't been able to test it out yet.
  14. Cops aren't stupid, I wouldn't recommend hiding anything in a part of your car even if you think it's a good hiding it's not always about how well you hide your stash but how fast and unnoticeable it's done. You don't want them thinking you're stashing a pistol so you can pull it out later.

    If you're getting searched, an officer can't make you take off your shoes because it's considered a strip search so placing weed under your foot is probably the best way. Just make sure it's beneath your foot or at the front of your shoe like Hellavonne mentioned because they can lift your pant leg and check in between your shoe and foot, but can't actually remove your shoe. I don't know about fitting an entire ounce in there though haha...
  15. An entire ounce?!?!? That'd be about the whole inside sole of your shoe!
  16. I don't recall the poster asking where to hide it IN A CAR.........

    I hide mine in the back of my closet, in the pocket of a sweatshirt.
  17. Well, wouldn't you rather lose your foot than your ounce?! I know I would!
  18. I don't know about you, but I've never randomly encountered a pig in my bedroom. It's sort of implied that this would be happening in public.
  19. hide ur weed in the cops pocket
  20. If I'm not in a car that has a pre planned out stash I would just crotch it. I mean its in a bag, and thats an extremely illegal place for them to search, especially on consent. So fuck it, I'm not goin to jail.

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