Best place to go high

Discussion in 'High Ideas' started by nypothead, Apr 13, 2013.

  1. A Keane concert in San Francisco.

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  2. Somewhere in zero g
  3. Eh it's not scary at all. Kind of relaxing actually. & an.awesome view
  4. Walmart


  5. Ive had. Not that bad
  6. The beach at night, for me. I don't get bothered by piggies, no naggy little kids, and bitch ass little kids' parents. Just me, maybe a couple of good friends, and the ocean. It's overly chill, but can get a bit trippy for me (I usually think the big tankers are slowly moving to shore, or I let my mind trip and think about how deep that shit really is and how something is contemplating on eating my ass)  :confused_2:
    anyways, happy toking!  :smoke:
  7. On a chairlift. nothing like pulling a J out of your coat pocket and then lighting up on your way to the top. Snowboarding high is great. :smoking:
  8. To the movies for a cheesy bad horror flick.

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  9. Sitting in the flowering room doin bong hits

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