Best place to get SYN in nc?

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  1. So SYN bongs are made in nc.But I don't get to head shops to often so can someone tell me some shops that have a selection of syn bongs at good prices.

    Preferably in Burlington or Greensboro or somewhere near by.
  2. if you can get down to charlotte i know infinity's end have them. like 1 and half hour drive for you.
  3. I can make it there.but do they have a good selection.I don't want to go o
    ut three and they only have two bongs
  4. last time i went they had 6 syns. make sure you go to the bigger one on independence not south blvd.
  5. They have ALOT of GonG though and if you dont find a syn they will have something you would be happy with. good prices too.
  6. Thanks for the info.I just had a idea I'm gonna call all the head shops around here and ask what the got.And I heard the syn head quarters is at outer banks so I might call a friend of mine who lives in emerald isle and see if she can check out a few shops for me.

    Btw I want a syn because there made in nc
  7. If you searched all the nearby headshops and can't find what you want, there's always ALT. It's online google "Scientific Smoking Glass by the Top American Made Glass Companies" and click the first link.
  8. The guys blow that stuff about a half hour's drive from my house. If you have anyone up this way tell them to hit up Island Dyes.
  9. ripple city and kitsch are two really good head shops in raleigh

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