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Best place to get a scale besides online?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ziggyziggyziggy, May 14, 2010.

  1. I don't need anything special or top notch, I'm just looking for something to use so I know how much to take out of my stash at a time to smoke. I don't need any double digit ones either because I won't be measuring big amounts.

    I'm really not trying to spend on a lot either, so any recommendations for one that's not expensive and just works?
  2. maybe a pawn shop, make sure it is calibrated.
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    take one from ur high school...simple as that


    5. Discussion of violence, theft, drug trafficking and the usage of guns is not allowed.

  4. try harbor freight tools or someplace like that.

  5. I'm not in high school
  6. ok well get a sibling that goes to high school to jack one for u

    or if u have an iphone, im pretty sure theres a scale app
  7. Your local headshop:D:smoking:
  8. walmart, head shops, pawn shops.

    also to the guy who said jack one from your high school.

    My school doesn't have scales....
  9. Headshops sell them.
  10. Hmm may try Walmart. I would go to a headshop but the closest one that I know of is like a half hour drive.

  11. that can't be right, a Walmart is closer to you than any smokeshop? remember, doesn't have to be a headshop (headshops are like HEADY pieces, the real nice shit, smokeshops just have lighters, smokes, papers, bongs, hookah, pipes, well...varies with the bong stuff in certain states)

    google smokeshop and then your town name, there should be something, hell, even my small ass town, not a walmart for an hour away, has a smokeshop

  12. Not saying they don't, but I doubt Wal-Mart sells little pocket scales like the ones you want. They might have something for weighing packages and letters.

    But the scale I use works great and has for 3 years now. I bought it from a gas station.
  13. convenience stores have them here
  14. Stealing is wrong and certainly not a chill thing to do or suggest, son.

    OP, you can get one at a head shop or a science supply store or a lot of department stores such as Walmart.
  15. smokeshop or a small convenience store
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    Didn't read/care why you can't order it online but I ordered it on Amazon for like 10 bucks and it's not sketchy at all. I don't think anyone would look into an order from

    Just drive to a headshop. No big deal. Find a friend who wants a piece or something, make a day to do it. I don't understand what is so hard about it. I think you said it's only a half hour?

    EDIT: My apologies, it's apparent you've already got it worked out.
  17. A US nickel weighs exactly 5 grams.
  18. I got mine from wal-mart. It's just a cheap kitchen scale, but it's digital and you can calibrate it. I've tested it several times and it's dead on each time.

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