Best place to get a butane torch for the errls

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  1. I am looking for a local store that carries a good butane torch. I was thinking bed bath n beyond because they have these. One of which is a clone of the almighty vector torch. Do you guys know of any major stores that carry an assortment of butane torches? I would rather pick one up locally than order online

    might go with this one. Not sure if its worth $20 more tho. But 2400 degrees would heat that ti fastttt
    Rosle Kitchen Torch - Bed Bath & Beyond

    but here's that vector clone for 20 bucks cheaper
    Bonjour® Professional Creme Brulee Torch - Bed Bath & Beyond
  2. Look at kitchen stores or hardware stores. Around here, hardware stores carry more durable models because they are used in construction rather than baking.
  3. Picked up mine from Home Depot. They had a decent selection of torches, from propane to butane. I paid $25 for mine, gets 2400f, has a solder attachment and heat gun attachment, and with steady usage throughout every day, I've only had to refill it once. I would link it to you, but I don't know your area.
  4. Probably any hardware store has pretty decent ones.
  5. Dude just go get the large butane tanks (not that large actually, but they are blue, i think bernzomatic makes them) they are like 2 dollars, and get the torch attachment.... which is like 5 bucks... those canisters last for fucking ever.... Ive been using the same one for well over a month lol
  6. Thats propane, not butane. trying to avoid propane, it oxidizes titanium and makes it unhealthy apparently. I found a place online that has vector torches for a decent price prolly gonna go through them.

  7. They also sell green ones that are butane, but they are smaller by a good bit haha.

    I like using propane though, but i dont use it on titanium.....i use it on glass hahahahahah so thats probably where the difference is

  8. i think the guys from CCC have the Vector clone, i remember seeing one in their videos. you could ask them about it. check out tobacco shops, hardware stores, etc. I suggest getting the Vector though, worth the 50 bones imo.
  9. Bonjour works very well I have been using it for two months for both cooking and erl. No problems.
  10. Bed bath and beyond since january of 2011 still works perfectly....Although the one you posted doesn't seem to be the same one I have, maybe its just the picture though.
  11. i have the bonjour and that thing is awesome, and has a huge flame.

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