Best place to find SYN glass in Western NC?

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    I've been really interested in getting some glass by SYN, and since I'm only an hour away from NC (home of SYN), I figured I could make the trip.

    I hate to beat a dead cow, but I was just wondering what place in Western NC carries the largest/best selection of SYN glass.

    So far, I have heard of Octopus Gardens in Asheville, but that's about it as far as western NC goes. Anywhere close to Asheville/Charlotte will work.

    Can any of you NC locals help me out? Thanks!

    If I could find a SYN inline a/c, that would be awesome!
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    - North Carolina local, headshop fanatic, glass head.

    I was personally in the shop when the owner of SYN walked in, Fat Mike, and pulled out a couple slides from his pocket and handed them across the counter to the owner of the shop. They must have talked about it on the phone or something already, he didnt pay. They talked for a minute, then Fat Mike left. I then talked to the shop owner and he began to tell me that Fat Mikes wife has several life threatening health conditions, and Fat Mike recently had to sell the SYN label. Well when he sold it, he sold it to another local headshop in NC ( on the ocean ) Now at that headshop they are blowing the SYNs right in the back room! YOU CAN WATCH THEM!

    If you make a trip over to the coast, I could probably help you out. I know for SURE they blow them at this paticular shop, and im pretty damn sure what the owner told me of the first shop is true. I talk to him alot.

    So with all that said, I cant imagine any NEW syns making it too far to the west, you might have to make a trip.

    EDIT- I bought one of those slides that day =]

    Edit again- when I go back to my headshop im gonna talk to the owner for you because last time I told him about me making threads on grasscity, and people wanted to know where I got my pieces at, or simply wanted something that my headshop carries. The owner said " Hell yeah send them this way, ill ship it out " Oh yeah, weve got plenty of SICK custom SYN's, with awesome worked sections on them. Im pretty sure theres a few dope a/c too
  3. cape fear smoke shop.

    very nice collection.
  4. Octopus Gardens in Asheville carries it, Ruptured Moon in hickory has a pretty decent selection but the owner is a fucking idiot who has no idea how to run a business...

    if you're in western NC you should contact Mike and just see him directly..we've rode out and had him repair/blow glass in front of us. don't think he smokes anymore but he probably still lets people come to the shop if you're nearby. he's out in kittrell if i recall correctly

    hope this helps
  5. Wow thanks man for the very detailed response. Sounds like you know what's up with SYN haha. So, the headshop you saw Fat Mike in was on the coast as well? Are they near Wilmington?

    Oh yeah, that would be great. I'd certainly appreciate it if you could get him to ship some pieces. Do they have a site?

    Thanks man, but Fayetteville is probably a little too far away for me. But I definitely won't count it out!

    Oh cool, have you seen Octopus Garden's selection yourself? I'll probably end up going there first. Would you say Ruptured Moon is worth the extra hour drive?

    Oh really, that sounds awesome, but how would I go about contacting him? Or is he still even in business?

    Much thanks everyone!
  6. There are a couple of different octopus gardens in asheville, I've seen the selection in the one on merrimon but I know the others also carry a few syn pieces. I guess if you can deal with a headshop owner who blatantly bullshits and has no idea what he's talking about Ruptured Moon is worth a shot, he does have a very big selection of Syn stuff.

    I have Mike's phone number but I don't feel comfortable just handing that out, I don't have his e-mail anymore but I will say that if you look hard enough online you can get in touch with him assuming he's still taking orders. I know his girl's been sick for some time now...I also know that he owes a lot of money to several people on major forums for customs and quite frankly, Syn glass is very underwhelming. Pretty poor quality overall, at least the newer waves of stuff....first pieces he put out were pretty cool though

    hope that helps
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    PM me and ill give you the name of the shop. As for a website they have one, but they dont update their pictures of the inventory. I know for a fact they have a couple SYN a/c's, and some worked slides by fat mike ( I picked one out of 6-7 after he dropped them off )

    -- There are still some SICK worked bongs around, ive even pulled on one at my head shop.
  8. Boone, NC has a shop call High Country Glass Studios. I was just there and bought a SYN bong myself. However, I just broke the down tube percolator and now i'm trying to find an online dealer so I can have a replacement shipped.
  9. Hey this is Sam with SYN. Western NC is a very good spot to get SYN products. If your near charlotte infinitys end can help you (south blvd). if your in asheville hookah hookup has most of the line in there currently. also in boone is homegrown glass and in hickory is ruptured moon and the smoke shop. thanks for your support be easy! Sam @SYN
  10. I picked up my 12' straight black label at infinities on the day after christmas sale!...

    great tube!, its my dd and she is so clean..i love it.

    thank you SYN and everyone who blows them. I'm from right on the sc/nc border and its great that y'all are local.

    my next tube is a tall showerhead SYN!


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