Best place to buy seeds on-line (in my opinion)

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  1. I've just received my seed (and a bonus one) from seed-city and I wanted to share it with you.


    If you have ever ordered from, you'd know that they may not have the best-looking website out there, but everything else is just perfect and is exactly how it has to be. They have a big variety of seeds. My order got shipped right the other day. They have a very active support team, that answered all my stupid questions right away.. And yeah.. That's it.

    Tell me what do you think about them?
  2. What was you free seed?
  3. this is a great seed shop page , here are the instructions on how YoU will be rewarded with also points that YoU can use to order & get free seeds for YoUr troubles too
  4. <a href=""></a> here YoU can choose which seeds YoU find best, a large pick available
  5. there are also free femenized seeds (1x and up depends on the final price of YoUr order) or autoflowering seeds
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    Check out Ali Bongo seeds. After getting countless shipments from Attitude confiscated, I have been ordering from Ali Bongo and they all have shown up in 8 days in vendor packs. The good thing about them is once you sign in, the prices are reduced by 10% plus you get another 10% using the discount code 'Growpon'. They are cheaper than anyone else plus they ship to the states for free!
  7. the point system also works I tried it , just make sure u don't forget to count some of 0the packaging, sending fees in
  8. the quick strain reviews will give YoU easy enough points, creating of an account too, subscribing to the newsletter, YoUr birthday gives some too, YoU also get a decent amount of points (of also the pages credit reward system) choose YoUr methods, I don't find writing info about it here wrong in no way at all 
  9. They don't ship to the States!
  10. I ordered a Nebula II CBD and got the Pandora for free.
  11. I ordered from The Vault. Jack went out of his way to help me and shipping was lighting fast to the US east coast. Highly recommended!!

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