Best place to buy pieces online

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  1. Where is the best place to buy pieces online. I'm a student in Nashville tn and can't find any good head shops with good pieces.
  2. why, GC of course
  3. ur here lol best place=grasscity ftw
  4. bump

    im looking for a site also with high end glass brands (roor, delph, etc). can someone PM me with a site?
  5. I'm looking for high end glass roor, phx, illadelph, toro, blue dot, luke Wilson, etc none of which are at gc
  6. Cant advertise or post links to other sites.

    Try googling it next time

  7. Exactly or use the search feature. This thread has been started numerous times. Me personally I wouldnt waste my time sending you a pm where to buy glass if you cant take a little time to search around first.

    Peace :smoking:
  8. I have tried searching multiple times and googling it. I wouldnt waste your time unless I really needed your help. If the post has been started already would you mind linking to that post? Or a PM would be awesome too.
  9. google "where to buy ROOR" and there ya go.
    its only second best to GC

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