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Best Place For Landrace Strains?

Discussion in 'Cannabis Seeds Banks' started by BotanistCam, Jun 16, 2013.

  1. Hey everyone, after looking at how much sites like herbies and attitude have evolved I've decided I want to start a collection of landrace seeds before they're all gone. I currently have malawi gold, bhutanese thimpu, agfhani peshwar and nepali rukum, which are all supposed to be pure sativas. Sorry for the butchered spelling.
    Was looking for some more pure sativas but I definitely would like some pure indicas. What strains should I look out for? Are kush and ogs pure indicas?
    What are some respectable sites and dealers of pure landrace seeds?

  2. Most of the mainline seed banks are nothing but marketing companies for breeders. And to keep up with the supply and demand they are cutting corners with herm pollen and too many backcrossed genetics. Not to mention outsourcing. Even their websites are outsourced to the UK which is no bueno.
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    Welp, i wouldnt be looking at sites, rather companies that offer worked or slightly worked land race stuff.

    I know gypsy nirvana had some land race thai, zamal and what not. Ace is another company to look at, Cannabiogen as well. Land races, mostly sativas, f1 crosses of worked lines, but mostly originates from land race stuff. Hot house flowers is another company to look at, Bhodi does a few land race things as well.

    OG kush and its progeny are not "landrace" genetics, and are not even pure indica's imo, in any case they were heavily worked at some point in their history. Landrace specficially is a reference to something that grows wild, which only a few companies really offer in seed form (The Real Seed Co.) Most breeder's work the land race stuff down (ace, cannabiogen, GN, bhodi, HHF) to something usable for the average grower. Otherwise, it would be a looooooot of work to get something worthwhile to keep around in seed form. Getting a gene pool to a point where it is viable indoors and worthwhile to run in the average indoor garden (or non-native outdoor environment) requires a.) time b.) space that the average grower doesnt have.
  4. only place to get true LRS is from the regions.
    lets take GHS , and their strain hunters bullshit...
    5 years ago they went to Malawi for seeds made big fucking videos about it ... now how many Malawi crosses you see in their stable?
    that's right.... none.
    if the seeds/strains are taken by breeders they then have to be stabilized for world wide production , losing what makes em LRS
  5. Thanks for all the recs. I planning on running outdoor and possibly greenhouse grows for now so that works perfect for me. It seems like it would be a lot of work, but I think it would be worth it in the end. I plan on growing (legally)  for the rest of my life, so I've got time to work with as well.
    Would you happen to know of seedbanks with the true history of their strain's crosses? On all the sites I can think of I've visited they're basically brokers and give a vague description.
  6. I wiki'd land race and see I didn't totally understand what it meant. I also got totally confused after the first two sentences so to put it simply I was just looking for seeds pulled from their natural regions and uncrossed with other strains. I guess it would be cool to have such a wide gene pool in lrs to work with over a long time though.
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    I think you would do better to contact the breeders themselves. I know you can contact charlie and dubi (breeders cannabiogen and ace respectivly) on another big board, google will help you find it.

    I think the breeders are going to be able to give you a better story of where these things come from. Also on this other International Cannabis magazine (an online magazine) they do discuss these lineage things via a few threads and subsections. A great place, find it through google.
    Id really recomend you check out ace and cannabiogen. They both do great work with sativa preservation projects (haze) and fi crosses (haze x thai, colombo x pan x colombo, vietnam x thai, malawi x thai, zamal x malawi x thai, etc) and some indica's too (pakastani citral, chinese yunnan) and thats just the ace side of things (they are working partners, crossing some landrace parents from one company to the other, and a few joint projects).

    Go, search. Or PM me if you are having trouble. I think with a little investigation and the right keywords you might find what you are looking for.
    Hi BotanistCam. Like you I have the same interest for LandRaces.
    Just registered in this forum to tell you this:
    If I were you, I would take into account Norcali help. 
    CL4P-TP, doesn't know what he's talking about and is mixing stuff in his brain. Green House Seeds goes Strain Hunting for LR to generate their perfect hybrids from the most indigenous seeds they can get. They don't even sell a single seed claiming it is LR. So nothing makes sense on what he said and just proves his ignorance.
    What you are looking for is what Norcali recommended you and in my opinion the top 3 goes like this:
    #1 The Real Seed Company (if you are going outdoor/greenhouse, this is it!!!!!)
    #2 ex-aequo Ace & Cannabiogen
    Maybe there are others, and I came here to this forum, on a google search for new LR banks or new releases. Those 3 seed banks I can recommend cause I've used, I'm using and will continue to use. RSC for outdoor/greenhouse like you and Ace & Cannabiogen for my indoor grow.
    Peace and please go with LandRaces!! With proper care, my god, they are PURITY!!!
  9. Huh?

    A. Real Seed Company is out of stock in Every Seedbank and has been for years. And their web site doesn't ship to the States.

    B. I said "thier crosses".....which means..wait for it .........HYBRIDS!!! And not a one says they used a single LR from thier tax dectuctable vacations they call "strain hunting".

    Now, welcome to GC. But dude next time....... do some research B4 typing.
    ...... do some research B4 typing. is time well spent,(GF)
    Brunof is correct, tho I be tempted to call on the Strainhunters( see youtube) as they do claim to be strain hunting... tho yet to see the product in packets, to avoid the current GC trolls shoot for ICMag
  11. This is an older thread, but I had to chime in, because from a personal experience, I believe there are certain landrace strains that contain medicinal value which can not be found in any modern hybrids. In 2011 I had one Seedsman Seeds Narkush pheno that possessed a strange, but analgesic, and almost paralyzing effect on the lower extremities; they're advertised as f1, so, I hope that particular pheno will be found and cherrished by someone whom might be in need of its rare qualities.

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