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  1. Ive been looking to get a bong recently because my tolerance is getting higher and unfortunately I am not. I want to buy online because my budget is not very high (don't lecture me on how I should just save up for a good bong), and was going to purchase from GC, but shipping is $35.....any ideas on where I can get a decent inexpensive bong online with cheap shipping? Preferably under $75 total

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  2. Search cleanclearglass or kathy0577 on Dhgate.   com
    It's basically china's ebay. Most sellers are awesome, but others are trash, i can tell you that cleanclearglass has decent pieces. Yingmin5 does too, but their more pricey. Kathy0577 is the best probably. There won't be anything there over $100. Theres this stigma over china glass that has to be forgotten, there's nothing wrong with most of it. Some is utter garbage, but once you learn what is quality and what isn't you can figure out what designs and pieces will work.
  3. I say hit up your local headshop and avoid all shipping costs.  Plus you can see the piece in person instead of going by a picture.
  4.          Free shipping

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