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Best Pizza Deals When Baked?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by 2313, Jun 9, 2013.

  1. Dominos, Papa Gino's, Papa John's, idk what are some good and cheap pizza deals? Trying to prepare for tmrw! Haha stay high
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    Little Caesars $5 hot and ready pizza. Can not beat that.
  3. man i spent like 45 minutes trying to decide last time i had a little smoke session lol, was pretty insane. 

    We ended up going with pizza hut new crazy cheesy crust, and their chocolate dunkers or some shit, was the best high food i've ever had. 

    Look into it OP, trust. 
  4. A good deal on pizza is a good deal on pizza weather your baked or not.

    Howie nowies are decent for being cheap

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  5. There's a place called milanos near me that is pretty cheap and good. I'm not sure if its a franchise or just a local thing though.
  6. I make my own pizza
  7. Oh man! There only one thing on my mind when i blaze on a tuesday..TWO FOR TUESDAY, dominos all the way :D
  8. Ehhh domino hand tossed is good but runs to expensive for just a 14 inch pizza, I prefer a large stuffed crust pepperoni pizzas with cheesy bread from pizza hit. If I have the money though dominos for sure
  9. Stuffed crust, with extra everything. Cheese sticks, cinnamon sticks, fuck it buy everything with extra diabetes and calories. Just make sure you eat healthy for about three weeks after you do this because there is a such thing as Clogged Arteries.
  10. just smoked a joint & ordered dominos... its one of the only pizza places that delivers around here im pretty stoned just waiting for the knock at the door :yummy:  i ordered pepperoni pizza and bread sticks
  11. Hochstatter, best pizza on the planet.. pep and sausage, onions, and COVERED in bacon... best fuckin pizza known to man...

    one bud at a time

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    Yesterday I got the large 1 topping pizza hut deal for just under $6. Me and my friend each ate our own pizza lol
  13. The best pizza is hand-tossed, but some places are outrageous. $14 for a large plain, rarely get delivery because I feel that anything less than a $5 tip is insulting to the driver.
    There's a pizza place by the local college that has $5.99 large plain pies, hand-tossed, pickup only. Place is busy as fuck.
  14. TOTINOS!!!!!!!!!! (for emphasis) literally 1 dollar personal pizzas and they will fill you up! 
  15. Small ceasers 5$$$
  16. make yo own pizza when you're baked!
  17. all delivery pizza franchises constantly compete against one another and all companies have deals when a competitor hosts one promo campaign Papa Johns is the best when Texas Rangers win by 7 b/c all orders are 50% off then.
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    Deals always change.  I think Pizza Hut has a $5.55 deal due to their anniversary.  And this site: is good to check for codes. Enjoy!
    i tip usually 10-20% based on what i ordered/where i ordered from, like one place specifically has only one delivery dude so we tip him $2-3 every time we order, which might be up to 5 days in a week.
    and i guess i lucked out, i have a place with dollar slices right on the corner of my block. $8 obviously gets you a whole pie and of course its hand tossed. when i first moved here i had pizza for dinner probably 150 times in the first year lol 
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    Dominos man, on the weekdays carryout. 7.99 large pizzas :D Get like 4.
    And Chocolate lava crunch cakes are fucking amazing.
    I think im getting pizza tomorrow :)

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