Best Pipe Money Can Buy?

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  1. Hey guys I was just wondering what you guys thought what the best pipe is you can buy? I was thinking it would have to be between the Incredibowl, Proto Pipe, Model 419, King Amazed, and silver palm leaf. And also how does the Magic flight box compare to these or is it apples to oranges? Thanks GC
  2. I haven't tried any of them but I vote for model419. It's a real pipe with no compromises. Made of inert stainless steel.
  3. I own the Incredibowl and I can vouch for it. It hits nice, and inside of normal smoking practice it'd be difficult to break. And as far as smoking out of metal I just don't like it, tastes like metal.
  4. Yeah i vote model419 though i havent personaly smoked through one yet but iv heard great things. And it doesnt taste like metal they soak it in this liquid thing i forget the name that takes the metalic taste away!
  5. I have just sent them a mail to ask what it is in the picture and what it's made of.

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  6. my friend thats is a fine screen. They have 2 screens. One is the big circular one that attaches to the bottom of the pipe which is not very fine. It is just their to catch thick ash the size of salt or sand etc. Then they have a fine filter which catches anything else going into the stem. Well atleast i think thats how it is and it looks like it in the pic also.
  7. I have got a reply from them. What the arrow points to is a spot welding and it's all stainless steel.
  8. I think the best pipe that money can buy is a unique blown piece which is one a kind from a glass blower that catches your eye more than the others. With bongs I always go scientific but with pipes I want them to be something that looks good and is one of a kind.
  9. I vote for model419
  10. get glass lolz

    get a pillar
  11. I vote incredibowl m420 (mini) cuz it's portable and u probably won't break it it's pretty sturdy:smoke:
  12. Helix Pipe. Comes with 3 attachments and smoke looks awesome on the inside too.
  13. Also i hate smoking out of plastic so if you do get the incredibowl you should replace the outside with glass F(k) plastic!
  14. You cant really compare vapor and smoke.

    For a smoking pipe, I think the Incredibowl would be cool.
  15. I actually have done reviews for the Magic Flight, Incredibowl, and the Model 419 pipe on my YouTube page....

    As NYCdeisel said, you can't really compare vapes to combustion pipes - the MFLB is really a nice, portable vape for when you have to be more discreet.... the Model 419 pipe is nice bc the pipe itself doesn't get hot while handling it and the hits are smooth and thick. The Incredibowl i420 isn't portable but its my favorite piece of all... hands down. The mini (m420) is great too, but I feel the i420 hits better (but that could just be me).

    Here's my review of the Model 419 pipe that I just did today...
    [ame=]YouTube - Linda's review of the Model 419 pipe![/ame]
  16. i tried the helix yesterday with the bubbler attachment, man i loved that thing. it was the smoothest pipe ive ever used. before me and my friends used it we were critisizing the guy for spending 140 on it, but after we used it. man. its really amazing.
  17. sharethepipe.
    by cheekyone.
    soo good i bought two.
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    I'm a fan of pure glass, so I picked up this guy for on the go tokes. Its basically a spill proof bubbler in spoon form. If you can find one, I'd highly recommend pick'n it up. Hits damn smooth.

  19. That spill proof spoon is pretty cool. How does it work and how much did you pay.
  20. what 'lantern said

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