Best pipe in the world!

Discussion in 'Picture Post Archive' started by DevilRed, Sep 20, 2003.

  1. Hey fella's check this shit. Made me a pipe out of a large white widow stem off of one of my girls.

    As stones as I am, I have to works great!. Even has a carb hole in the opposite end :)

    Like it?

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  2. The branch has no use, only cosmetic in nature. Though I imagine it would work good to pass around.

    I dig it!
  3. Nice way to use your McGuiver (sp?) tactics :p
  4. Hell yea, making full use of the entire plant!
  5. Oh, you chopped down some cannibis for that ? Hope it was dead, haha

    I didnt entirly read your first post. Now you are "one" with nature :p Now all you need is to light it with flint and you'll be o'natural, haha
  6. its just sweet to smoke bud from the stem of a bud plant.

    It was as after harvest. I have a few other large stems left, my buddies want me to make them a few pipes.
  7. That was an awesome idea man, great job. Now I may just have to try that :smoke:
  8. haha holy shit you smoke a lot of weed man
  9. That shit is cool as fuck man!
  10. id suck if you got caught and they counted the pipe for posession. lol fucking pigs.
  11. thats some clever craftsmanship and it looks nice. carb seems kind of pointless as there isn't much to clear but whatever.

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