Best piece for 200-250$?

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  1. I'm looking for a nice piece to add to my collection, preferably a bong for next year. I expect this piece to be my daily hitter, something that will last a year, I don't really like to spend too much $ on pieces, considering the fact that weed is already expensive as it is.

    Current Collection:
    Black Leaf Nautilus(Great piece, but a part of the base broke, it still works fine but it's china glass and it's time for an upgrade in the near future.)
    4 piece grinder
    Rasta Acrylic Bong

    As you can see, It's time for a new piece. Any ideas?
  2. http://*******************.com/scientific-glass/syn-38-x-4-mm-dome-perc-beaker-platinum-1.html
    When it's back in stock






    [ame=] Orka Kitchen Torch: Home & Garden[/ame]


    The best $205 you can spend.
    And this set-up will last over a year even as your daily driver. Just treat it with respect, don't let it leave your crib, don't drive with it, and the #1 rule....

    under NO CIRCUMSTANCES let a drunk bitch within a 5 foot radius (RIP to my last two pieces).
  3. Get a US Tube. You can let all the drunk bitches touch it because they're fucking indestructible. Guy threw one at my feet in a headshop and it just bounced off the hardwood.
  4. Are they really that good?

  5. links are broken, my friend.
  6. goddamn you grasscity censorship!!
  7. just pm me.

  8. It's another story if there's a bowl and stem/diffuser in there. Glass against glass ain't going to be pretty.
  9. Mind pming me those same links? I dont mean to hijack the thread but I have a similar question.
  10. Grasscity blocked Awesome Lab Technologies because it's a competitor site...How would you like it if I walk in your business and told your customers to come check out my store with way better merchandise.

    Best set up straight tube with an Alex K down stem or SG Down stem and DD bowl.
  11. I got this mini showerhead for $220

    [ame=]YouTube - ‪SYN Mini Showerhead Milkshot‬‏[/ame]
  12. the links are still blocked in PM, just replace some letters in that there link, and we'll solve the rest.
  13. unless GC starts carrying decent stuff its hardly a competition
  14. GC has a couple nice ones like 4.0 glass, RooR, Nate Dizzle etc that *** sells also. Who knows, they might start stocking more quality stuff soon.
    Yes. US tubes are very well known to be strong and come in thicker than usual sizes.

    Check this Toro video, I can't find one on US tubes though.
    sickofthis.mp4 video by jpglass - Photobucket

    Anyway, honestly I would buy the $240 5mm thick RooR if you aren't going to go with a stemless. The downstem is old school with no diffusion, just as single hole, and so is the bowl. However the diffuser can be upgraded later. Yeah it's pricey.

    I'd add a 18/14 Alex K and PHX honeycomb bowl.
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    Dude watch yout swearing, ahhaah gotta love gc ;) aqua lab tech nol ogies dot com f o r t3h w1n
  16. Best 200-250 piece?
    Look for a roor bro

  17. Totally forget he said that, you can get a 160$ 9mm hvy beaker or a manifest 7mm for 140$, save a but more get a stemline:wave::wave::wave::wave::wave:
  18. Funniest joke I've heard this week.

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