Best piece for $125?

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  1. So I'm in the market for a'll be my first. At the minimum I want ice catchers. GonG is a MUST. Anything extra (diffused downstem, tree percs) would be lovely. I like just plain glass looks like RooRs. Clean simple lines.
    I'll probably be picking it up in Venice Beach, since I live in the OC it's not too far away.

    Any recommendations?

    PS...I'm SO high right now. I've only been toking less than a month. But this is the shit!!!!
  2. I'd say just go with something that feels natural in your hands. Yamean? :bongin:
  3. I'd direct you to the Bong Guide in my signature if you'd like to do some more research.
  4. you can get a molino mad scientist for around $60-80. then you could get a bag and a better bowl for it. or you could get an add-a-chamber.
  5. Save more money.

  6. Even though I haven't been at this that long? Am I seriously going to care as long as it gets the job done? And if I buy the best now, how can I go up from there?

    Just curious.
  7. All I'm saying is that if you want a quality glass-on-glass bong, I'd save some more money.

    I'm sure you can get an alright piece for $125.. But I wouldn't trust anything that cheap. :confused_2:

  8. Thanks for the advice
  9. Yep, good luck with your purchase.

    Just remember that it's all up to you. As long as you like the piece, go for it. :)
  10. you could probably find a 1 perc bong with ice catcher for around 125 at a local shop. i would go around to a few different local shops to get prices on pieces with what ever upgrades you want. i buy all mine locally you can find a lot of one off pieces.

    another thing to think about is how much do you really want to spend? you could get a $250 piece and then a clumsy friend drops it or knocks it over, you could loose $250, or $125. i wouldnt spend over $125 for a first piece due to accident.
  11. just go check out the shops. there are tons in venice

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