Best phsycadelic rock to get stoned to.

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  1. Hendrix man.
  2. Check out a band called Tame Impala, they're really good and I think it would fall under psych rock.

    Notable songs include Solitude is Bliss and Lucidity :bongin:
  3. Check out the sheepdogs, some phsycadelic rock, mostly just mellow smooth songs!
  4. Even though it's a classic, Sgt.Pepper (the entire album) got me feeling pretty wild when i was baked once.

    Smoked a 1 gram session with my buddies, got home, turned the album on and layed in the dark. By the time "A Day in the Life" was over, my mind was completely altered by how awesome that album was.
  5. Yeah you could listen to all those mainstream rock bands, but those get annoying real quick, check into stevie ray vaughan, his guitar will rape your mind and soul
  6. Sweet emotions is my favorite rock song when I'm high just listening to them sing sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet emooooooooooootion makes me trip nuts
  7. Check out the 13th Floor Elevators or Ultimate Spinach.
  8. PINK FLOYD. Listen to theyre old shit though. Listen to their first singles(Arnold Layne, See Emily Play, etc) then A saucerful of secrets is good as shit. Dont forget about theyre old stuff, DSOTM was theyre 8th album
  10. Rush
    Deep Purple
    Jefferson Airplane
    Pink Floyd
    Jimi Hendrix
    The Doors
  11. Jimi hendrix man! Another good band is the velvet underground.
  12. check out ozric tentacles or dopapod
  13. Apollo Sunshine is really good too. I saw someone else say tame impala and yeah you should definitely check them out.
  14. Quicksilver Messenger Service, Robert Plants solo album "Dreamland"
  15. RUSH-new album (clockwork angles) is great btw
    neon indian-just an extremely awesome psychedelic band
    grateful dead
    jefferson airplane
  16. oh and the band wolfmother is AMAZING. i would explain them as a 70's throwback sort of band.
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    This song is catchy ....... IMO

    Khmer kid- smoke weed....... Probrably off topic but w/e don't bite My head off

  18. the Cable Guy, great movie:smoke:
  19. Well if you're after relaxing psychedelic music then I'd reccommend these albums.

    Animal Collective - Sung Tongs
    Animal Collective - Feels
    Beach Boys - Smile
    Caravan - If I could do it all over again
    Genesis - Nursery Cryme
    Gentle Giant - Acquiring the taste
    Any Incredible String Band
    Jimi Hendrix - Axis: Bold as love
    King Crimson - In The court of the crimson king
    Love - Forever Changes
    Mercury Rev - All is dream
    Most Pink Floyd
    Stone Roses - Stone Roses

    Give a couple of them a listen O.P :smoke:

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