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  1. It's so hard picking a favorite among so many great tunes. I would rather pick a favorite live show or tour. I think anything from the 96 Japan tour is the bomb, along with the 98 summer tour.
  2. Yes, this one is really hard. If I'd have to pick it would be Character Zero. Each time I hear it, it really puts me in a good mood. Also one of my favorite song's that Phish covered would have to be Fire On The Mountain. Can't wait for Trey to come around here again in May!

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  3. but no it's not...
    i have always, and always WILL love
    golgi apparatus

    oh golgi wooeee is meee

    i still have yet to see anyone else in this world write a song using the golgi apparatus as a lyric let alone an entire song name. i love the song :) i also love fee, i just love the dorkiness of these 2 songs and embrace them...
  4. I like there cover of the Cheers theam song. marijuana has a good point to ittoo :D
  5. Have you heard the MMM Bop cover? Now that's classic. Gotta love Fishman doing the James Brown impersonation.
  6. Anything live and jammin. Ive seen them turn some regularly boring song into a Jam expierience. At a concert @ the greek theater in LA everyone threw there glow stick in the air for awhile and all you saw were these streeks of different colored light flying over people heads. It was great. =)

  7. I have two friends that are big phishes and heads. Anyway I got them to download this song to my computer so I can always listen to it without having to be at one of their houses(they gave me a few others for free, but I don't really listen to them). I love the images the song creates in my head along with the music.

    If your really stoned, and somebody fed you good shrooms, and you listen to this feels like you are really riding a boxcar, and the wind is blowing in your hair, and you got this buzz deep inside your heart!

    Good Thread!! I enjoy turning on to new things. I feel a smoke session coming on, so I can listen to all your faves! My buds will hoot with JOY!
  8. There seems to be a few people here who like "jam bands" I was wondering if maybe we can get something going here like an mp3 trade of shows. You'd just have to set certain rules like only live shows of band's that allow their shows to be taped and no copyrighted material. Just thought this would be a good idea for some fellow stoners and music lovers to get some new music.

  9. The whole second side of Junta. Especially Union Federal and Fluffs Travels

    I purposely bumped a thread from 2002 hopefully it catches on

  10. caught on :cool:

    i got dragged to a phish concert at SPAC this summer tour, i know, poor me. :p but since then i am obsessed. i havent heard as much as you guys probably, but i love the song Funky bitch. shits nuts :smoking:
  11. Phish live from 1996-98 is awesome. Its hard to choose a favorite but maze, gumbo, and carini are high on my list
  12. YEM or The Divided Sky
  13. YEM is deffinitly up there, but im a big fan of the hole mikes groove kicks ass too especially the real funky ones like 7.22.97 probably bein one of my favorites

  14. No doubt man. In all honesty, you could categorize all of Phish's catalog into best Funk songs, best Rock songs, trippy songs, jam songs, compositional songs, etc. Thats what's so great to me about Phish is their diversity.

    Nothing quite like hearing the first notes to Mike's Song at a show just knowing your about to get a heavy ass groove though.

  15. I love that about them sometimes they can sound like funadelic and other tmes they sounds like the dead on a killer acid induced jam:smoking:
  16. I think it'd be Divided Sky...but who really knows? :confused:

    YEM is awesome is mike's groove
  17. I think the best Phish song is YEM. It just shows so many different aspects of the band. My favorite Phish song is Reba especially the Halloween 94 version.
  18. i'm probably gonna have to throw harry hood up there now too been listening to this song non stop all sorts of good versions(right now im listening to 7-16-94) very nice.

    any of you guys hittin up any shows this fall im doin prov>amherst>manch
  19. so many to choose from, but I'll go with Sample in a Jar...that song just puts a smile on my face

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