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Best Pen Vape for PURE Hash?? (not a Gly Mix Etc)

Discussion in 'Concentrate Tools' started by erebusting, Dec 6, 2012.

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    I have currently been using the 'vaped' pen from ruvaped.com, but before that I have heard of the 'omicron' and 'trippy stix'. Now I have come to realize that these are all variations of the 'ego' brand ciggs/ batteries. I now would like to know which ones (I think the batteries are the 510's ?) would I be able to use with pure hash? Or better yet, which cartridge/or whatever would be the best option for things like waxes/ oils/ full melts etc...?

    I have been seeing the rebuildable cartridges, the 'glass dome' cartridges, and others...so that is the main area where my confusion lies.
    I have tried the 'led tank', 'stainless tank', ceramic bowl, and super stainless tank all on the vaped pen which actually work decent, but the price is not real low (like the ego brand) and the cartridges dont seem to keep burning as nice after a while they take longer and dont burn as strong. The batteries are working fine and they have a warranty on those though so thats a plus.... I didnt like the whole wick thing since those seem to be suspended in the middle of the cart and allow oil to be wasted etc...so anyone else got any experiences or ideas? Please let me know...

    I would appreciate any references or insights since this has been a long burning question for me...
  2. Gpen by grenco with glass cartridge all day
  3. I saw a vid on that and the guy said it is not so effective (the glass cart that looks more like a car cigg lighter inside right?)....if that is the one then I was not considering that because of the bad info I heard about it....advise me
  4. do you load the G pen with BHO extract?
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    I am not sure if I should even get an 'Atomizer' or 'Cartomizer' ...I think the 'Atomizer' looks more like what I have been using for straight hash, but which one has held up for you guys? any specific model?

    Oh and the G-Pen--You can just buy a 510 battery and find the cart somewhere (even if you want-u can get the cart straight from where you got the GPen..._....you would have spent less by doing so and would also be able to customize it. I recommend at least to use a newer 'trippy stix' cartridge or a 'vaped' cart like their skillet attachment at LEAST....those RIP and you can put a fat bowl and it doesnt just dripp to the bottom and become useless like that LED tank that alot of the pens come with (the GPEN and Vaped originally came with them)...
  6. Ive got the Cloud Hash Pen Vaporizer.. Works like it should and gets shit done.

    Ive also got the brand "DabR"

    There honestly the exact same thing lol

    I guess the Cloud advertises itself as Cartridgeless so thats pretty dope
  7. The cloud pen looks like the 'new' version of the 'trippy stix' lol... but the trippy stix are like 3 x the price! lol that is why I kind of made this thread also, so we can try and collaborate on parts and such that work together and possibly find cheaper alternatives instead of letting this other companies buy cheapo parts and play us.

    Anyway, that cloud one looks pretty nice and has been the one I have liked for a while just never saw the need to get it since it is pretty same in tech to my current VAPED brand set anyway...

    I saw others saying that the cloud one is just a rebranded 'elips' cig or something also which was like 60 or less I think?

    The Gpen I have not seen step up so I have yet to believe they are a worthy quality to spend money on aside from what I have currently.

    I guess my main question is has anyone found a good 'bowl' or cartridge attachment for these? maybe a cheap alternative etc? ...

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