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Best peice for a new smoker?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by smc19, May 26, 2010.

  1. Hey, i'm new and I want to get a peice of my own, what would be the best peice in the $30 - $60 range? thanks.
  2. for a new smoker a piece you should get is just a bowl or maybe a bubbler. but for 60 you could get an ill bowl, or a not so ill but not bad bubbler, or a kind of shitty bong maybe a good one if your lucky
  3. Any good brands i should look more into?
  4. it all depends on what u want. you can get a decent glass bong or bubbler for like 50 dollars. and you can get a a piece for like 15 dollars. i wouldnt get a glass bong or bubler at first, because they can require alot of care and you have to be carefull with them
  5. A locally bought small bowl. Every stoner needs to buy a bowl sooner or later. The next thing I got after that was a bong and next is Da Buddha and the Vortex Gravity Bong.
  6. My first piece was a small Sherlock pipe. It is still my travel piece, fits in my pocket upright and feels good in my hand. I have many pieces now and I have never regretted my first buy.

  7. Get a bowl or bubbler. They're perfect for beginners. They're portable and if you get a nice one it won't break. For that money you could probably get a nice bubbler.
  8. Just look for a nice pipe in the $30-$50 range. Save the money you dont spend on some yummy bud :).

    Look for something color changing if you can (most headshops carry them). Definitely cool to watch the colors change over time.

    Be sure to post pics once you get something!
  9. Thanks for all the advice everyone. What a warm welcome by the GC community:D
  10. Well back in the days I always started out with sobe waterfall bongs and dare I say the occasional soda can : \. I would say a first piece should be something fairly small and simple. A bong can be intimidating to new smokers and not to mention they are harder to keep out of site if you are still living with strict parents. I would recommend someting simple, $60 will snag you a very nice spoon/bubbler at most head shops.
  11. I've only been smoking for like 6 months, but I've used a spoon, acrylic bong, glass bong, and rolling papers. I hated the spoon, I could hardly breath it in, it was so harsh. the acrylic bong was way easier to smoke out of, but after getting the glass bong w/ ice catcher, I know the glass one hits so much better and smoother. I smoked joints twice, not my fav, but it seems to get me high faster (same amount of bud and all that, it just smokes faster, and so I get high sooner) though the smoke is harsher and can burn my throat.
    It just depends on your needs and preferences. Try to try out a few friends' pieces so you can get a better idea of what you want/

    Also, if you may need to stash your piece quickly, then a joint or pipe is your best bet- a bong is a hassle to not spill, and they are bigger than pipes and joints.
  12. check out your local headshops, cigar shops, convenience stores
    I've even seen gift shops with some sick pieces
    pick up a nice bowl or bubbler
  13. Don't spend too much on your first piece, as sadly it will most likly ultimatly break.
    Always get glass!! Look for something thick all around a sturdy, comfortable to hold, decent looks, etc.

    Just go into a few local shops and NEVER buy the first piece you see, and remember you can always haggle the price down. Store clerks know when your new and may try to take advantage and rip you off. Don't fall for on-the-spot questions like "What are you looking for?" or "How much are you looking to spend/how much $ do you have?" if your not very experienced in stores.

    Tip: inspect every inch of the piece for scratches, air bubbles, cracks, thinned out areas, etc.. before you even think of putting down money on it.
  14. You could get a sick spoon for 20 $ easy. But if you want to spend 60 look into a cheap bubbler

  15. Get you a nice glass bowl dude. I bought a nice sized one the other day from Karma for $22, well worth it.
  16. dont get anything other than a bong or bubbler, best peices you can get, a bong is a necessity.
  17. A bong or waterpipe is NOT a good first piece. For a first piece either a glass spoon or glass chillum, look for a small bowl hole and remember to clean your piece before you use it. Good luck
  18. Not to hijack this thread. But I am also looking for a piece. I've used a majority of different toking tools because of friends. But now I am getting a hefty paycheck (~600) and I was pretty set on getting a magic flight + a cool little bowl so I don't have to worry about friends breaking the magic flight. Is this a good idea or no?
  19. I agree

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