Best Payback Ever

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  1. Not smart. Those cops will never forget that dude. He's better off packing his bags and hitting the road for a new hometown. After he gets out jail that is.

    Worst payback ever. Cops will have the last laugh on this one.
  2. hahah, sick payback. but he's facing way too many charges, i dont see how hes getting out soon
  3. Hope it was worth it.

    Wouldn't these cars be inside the police station lot though? Or was this a very rural country town or something?
  4. If a $100 fine was too much for him, you can't assume he had much to lose. Jail life might be better than his current standard of living.
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    I'd say that someone who's fucking crazy enough to crush 7 police cars with a tractor doesn't give much of a fuck about what the consequences will be.
  6. Undoubtably the best news story of all time. Ever. Period. :smoke:
  7. Great, now they need to buy new police cars, which come from taxpayers money. And it's not like cops all over the nation are having financial trouble. And all of this just cause a hick couldn't hide his weed better.
  8. What a crazy mother fucker.

  9. They were all in the cop shop's parking lot, in a very rural country town.

  10. That's around $30-33 grand each for a new cop car, plus about another $10-15K each for the lights, radio gear and other equipment that was in each one.

    Also, the cars trashed were Ford Crown Victorias, which went out of production last September and are no longer available.

    If I was a taxpayer there, I'd be even more pissed at that guy then the cops are.

    And, if I was a grower in those parts, I'd have already shut down the operation & got the fuck out of there, because there will be no peace toward growers as a result of this dumbfuck's action. Not for a long time.
  11. LMAO....all the hate against him is reasonable because he is a fucking idiot but this is fucking hilarious rofl..........he looks so fucking farmer-white-trash too.

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