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best papers to use?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by cfieldsoc, Feb 17, 2009.

  1. I just recently learned to roll, and I was wondering if there were any certain papers that were better to use. Or are they all just more-or-less the same?
  2. I've always used Bambu brand rolling papers, they've served me well for a long time.
  3. I prefer Ez-Wider Slow Burning.
  4. I prefer JOB 1 1/4s
  5. I would recommend going to a head shop and buying a few brands, roll some, smoke it, and make your own decisions, instead of asking someone to tell you what is better.
  6. just trying to make an informed decision but i see your point and i wish i lived near a headshop
  7. If you must know, get Elements paper. It's made of rice, burns evenly and isn't as harsh as normal papers.
  8. Yep i use those too. Love their flavored papes.
  9. Ive always thought the best papes to roll with in my opinion are Bob marleys and elements.
  10. zig zag slow burning 1 1/4
  11. This is what I use.
  12. Get the EZ Wider Double Wides. They are the easiest to roll with since they aren't as flimsy as most brands like zig zag. They are very forgiving and easy to find.
  13. JOB 1 1/4 when I can find them. There cheap, stick, and burn even.
  14. Any advantages to zig zag oranges?
  15. zig zag or raw u hav to go to a headshop most of the time to find raw zig zags are everywhere
  16. raw papers are the shit, they burn super even and super clean and are actually pretty easy to roll with.
  17. Elements, Rizlas, Rollies, are some that I use. Hemp/rice papers burn best in my opinion. Also Juicy Jays are nice sometimes if you want a lil flavor

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