Best overall odor eliminator poll

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  1. Consider effectiveness (no odor), not necessarily price.
  2. Hey everyone! I just wanted to pop in and thank everyone for voting!
  3. yeah, all 10 of us :D
  4. I haven't voted because I have direct experience with only one of the choices. I've read quite a bit about the others but don't feel that allows me to make an informed vote here.
  5. Growth: 4 blueberryXlowryder hybrids

    Odor Control:

    ONA GEL (GREEN APPLE) Saturated Gel:
    didn't mask cannabis odor, but did smell grrrrrrrreat!

    HOMEMADE CARBON FILTERS (500cfm total)
    almost rid of odor completely! carbon wins my vote.
  6. hey where did you get that green apple Ona gel only seen the regular also for all devolopers of homade filters I think tidy cats or some cat litter company is making kitty litter with carbon now cant wait to try it:D :wave: :hello: :smoke:
  7. I am experienced with ozone and activated carbon and IMHO the carbon is the better of the two, especially if you are also living in or just off your grow space. Ozone is not good for you.
  8. You are right. I was looking to see if using an Ozone and Carbon Filter would be quite effective (overkill I'm sure, but bettersafe then sorry) but then I decided to see how safe it is.

    That's from the EPA, I think if I were to ever grow, it'd be Carbon Filter.
  9. I have two ozone generators in my house and love them.

    the epa/OSHA standards are 0.10 ppm for 8 hours. Unless you're sitting with it in your lap in a small closet, you should be fine.
  10. "In one study (Shaughnessy and Oatman, 1991), a large ozone generator recommended by the manufacturer for spaces "up to 3,000 square feet," was placed in a 350 square foot room and run at a high setting. The ozone in the room quickly reached concentrations that were exceptionally high--0.50 to 0.80 ppm which is 5-10 times higher than public health limits"

    What if that were a room you frequant? The generator I was looking at was for 5500 square feet and would be going in my closet in the room I sleep in...

    I would however, like to hear more of your personal experience because personal experience speaks pretty loud to me...
  11. well yeah. wouldn't it make sense to you that if you put a generator in room 1/10 the size that it was meant to treat, you would have 10 times the concentration of ozone?

    The way to use a 5500ft2 rated generator in a small closet is to put it on a cycle timer. This way it runs for a minute or three and then shuts off for 10 minutes or so.
  12. Okay, I thought you left the running for the whole time.

    I guess that makes sense with the timer.
  13. Ozone generators seem to be effective however my experience is the amount of ozone needed to mask odor is so high you are left with a room that smells like chlorine. Granted, it's better than bud but still.... my vote goes to carbon.

  14. so...where can you get a carbon filter without breakin the budget?the ones i have seen on urban grower(available on youtube) are like 500 bucks! i was thinkin more like 100...
  15. I've seen ones at Canadian Tire and Walmart for $35-$75 and I think the cheapest one ($35) was supposed to work in a 16' by 16' room so just check around at some stores near you and see what they got.
  16. I dont know if that would work but it sure does look good and its way cheap...I want it :p
  17. ANy links to good store providers that have good filters that work?
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    im gonna be growing in a decent sized closet, and because i wont be using a grow tent. (due to space keeping and spouse complaint$) so i cant put a filter through a tent-wall, much less my real wall (or the closet door). i rent, so that would be impossible. what id like to know is how could i at least kill some smell without making holes??

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