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Best Outdoor Strain?

Discussion in 'Outdoor Marijuana Growing' started by enjoychris, Oct 6, 2008.

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    What's the best strain to grow outdoor? Which would have the highest yield and be the best smoke?

    This would also be my first grow so what could I do about bugs and which strain would also be the simplest to grow?

    I live in SoCal if that helps anyone.

    Thanks for you advice in advance :smoke:
  2. Try sweet tooth. At leastg 3 oz. 1 plant
  3. Skunk #1 basically grows by itself and is a "no headache" (set and forget) plant to grow.
  4. Hindu Skunk is a great one. I have grown it 2 seasons. It is bug resistant and has a great yield. You can check out pics of the yield on my gallery. 2 1/2 pounds from one plant. Plus we left the popcorn buds to grow and should get another 1/4-1/2 pound from that. The potency and taste is great.

  5. Interesting!
    Any idea about its Mold resistance? Breeder recommendations? (website)

  6. I live in SoCal as well and have been experimenting with out doors. First thing you need to do is go get a 215 scrip to keep it nice and legal. Then you can get clones from any clinic in town. If your in San Diego Then you should call clinics in Orange county or Long Beach and see about getting seeds, or clones if you want to drive them that far. TrainWreck was pretty hearty. Durbon Poison grows itself and is very resistant to bugs and mold. Gets a good yield too. But if you want the best stuff you could go with some Kush. Most Kush strains are a little harder to grow but well worth it. Master Kush is supposed to be good for out doors. If you live some where that stays some what cool you could go with purple kush, but its not very mold resistant.
  7. I bought A.M.S from Greenhouse seeds because they were fem and cheap as chips and mould resistant!

    All going to plan (touch wood)
  8. I like white widow and will be continuing with that next year. One reason being I have 126 seeds - no need to buy!!
  9. Hindu Skunk- I'm not sure of it's resistance to mold. I have never had a problem with mold on any of my plants so it would be hard for me to compare it to anything. Last year the strain was called Hindu Kush/Skunk. This year, Hindu Skunk. We're not sure if it's the same strain but it definately grew similar. I wish I had kept track of the plants from the past. We had some good ones over the years.
  10. Looking for a bigger harvest :D

    Thanks I plan getting it :smoke:

    How could i achieve such great yields with a Hindu skunkk plant?
  11. Great Yields: I have been growning outdoors for 10 seasons. Luckily it's legal for me so I'm able to grow in my back yard. When I first started outdoors, I grew in containers. The plants were much smaller. As the containers got bigger, the plants got bigger. Then I started planting in the ground, much bigger. The plants would grow to touch each other so I gave them bigger spots. They got bigger. The more room I give them, the bigger they get. Also, I think a very important factor is we only water them once a week but we deep water them (all day). I think this makes the roots go deep.

  12. How is that being done?
    When you prepare the soil do you stick in a watering tube reaching to the lower part of the intended area of root-grow?
  13. I grow on my roof terrace, so I have to use pots. You are so right about pot size, the bigger the roots the bigger the shoots - I am now using 50 litre tubs - biggest I can really manhandle, last grow I averaged 18 ounces a plant, biggest being 26 ounces of dried/cured. Hey, that is getting on for 2 pounds, probably my goal is to achieve 2 pounds from a pot grown plant.
    Your grow is awesome - respect !!

    (Last week some fool on here called me ´lame´ when I wouldn´t believe he got 24 ounces from a plant in a one gallon pot.)
  14. More than a pound from a potted plant? That's a great yield!

    Once a week we will just soak them several times during the day, going from one plant to the next, then starting all over again. This year we hooked up a watering system, like a drip system but only faster. We left it on once a week for about 8 hrs.
  15. puffpuffere, most kind of you to say so.

    Interested to read your watering regime. I have to give my females 6 litres of water a day each, and if I don´t water every 24, they are wilting by 36. Amazing to watch them spring back, though.
  16. Thanks for the help guys!

    Planting the the seed today :D
  17. It's a little late for that....
  18. theres been some talk about this, give a look at pure power plant

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