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Best Outdoor strain from attitude seed bank?

Discussion in 'Outdoor Marijuana Growing' started by KushBush420P, Feb 13, 2012.

  1. Hey guys, so I'm looking for a really good outdoor strain from attitude seed bank and I'm wondering if anyone had any good strains in mind, I'm looking for something with a big yield, good potency, and good mold and disease resistance, any ideas? Also can anyone speak to the integrity of Attitude seed bank? I've heard lots of good stuff about them but I just want to make sure, are they legit?
  2. Ya man their legit, ordered twice there and never a problem, as for a good out door strain... I don't know, trying to figure that out myself too
  3. Attitude is legit, pay extra for the garentee delivery.

    There is not a single BEST strain, depends on location and such, they all finish at different times so you need to pick one that best suits your area.
  4. i've had no problems with attitude. im waiting on a order now. i always pay the extra for promised delivery. its worth it.
  5. I was wondering the same thing I saw a easy kush seed I wish I could gu.d it on attitude their is so many
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    Try og kush 18.
  7. From what Ive ordered from Attitude, Id say go with TGA Subcool or DNA Genetics, dude is absolutely right, the OG #18 is some fire, though ive not grown it myself. Their older strains are all solid and the newer stuff like Kandy Kush Skunk is awesome, growing that now... TGA Subcool is also some great, great weed, Dairy Queen, Space Queen, Jack the Ripper, Pandoras Box, Jilly Bean. Just Remember sativa heavy varieties go long in flower, especially Hazes, so those Sept and Oct rains and cold patches can mould you out and make you cry if u have to wait til Nov to harvest. Find a solid hybrid, or do what i do and growa few diff. strains that you can pull down in stages. That means some indica heavy genetics finishing in mid Sept to early October, then some well balanced hybrids that pull in mid and late Oct, and maybe a couple late finishers that you might gamble a bit on depending on your latitude and climate when it counts in Nov...best o luck:smoke:
  8. Attitude Seed bank is good like the others have said. My first outdoor grow a couple of years ago was Next Generation Romulan. We got a late start with a couple of short clones that were only about 4-6 inches tall when we got them and vegged them under some daylight cfls for about 2 weeks while slowly acclimating them to outside. When we planted them they were about 8 inches tall or so and finished out at around 5 feet tall and bushy. One plant produced a little under 1 pound and the second plant produced a little over 1 pound dryed and cured. We used Technaflora nutes with molassess and alot of my friends and some of my nephews really liked it and some even thought it was indoor gorwn because of how crystaly the buds came out. We took clones and grew them out inside over the winter and they came out even better just smaller yields due to being indoor grown. There are alot of good strains so trying to find out what one is best is a growers opinion and will vary greatly from one grower to the next.
  9. Tiemwarp , from Next Generation Seeds.

    early finisher, hardy against mold, pests and frost.

    As per attitudes integrity... over 30 order with no problems

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