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Best outdoor strain for new england

Discussion in 'Outdoor Marijuana Growing' started by GanjaSmoker, Sep 15, 2010.

  1. Next season I'm gonna buy seeds on the Internet. Could someone reccomend some good strains to grow in new enland?
  2. thats a good question, im also in new england. its hard cuz of the early frost and cold nights here but if u get an auto flowering strain youd most likely be golden.

    i use bagseed cuz im not sure how much i trust buying seeds. the strain i got this year seems like it will make it fine its got about a week or so left but i think i got lucky. im also kindaaaa lucky in a way that it got polinated so i will have seeds for future grows that might make it before the weather gets to bad.

    if you dont mind reading check out flowering times on the strains youd like to grow, they usaly say how long flowering is and what not. id say youd want your plant to be done by the end of Sept. the weather in mid october is nerv wrecking lol.
  3. Alright thanks for the help bro
  4. i wanna bump this because i wouldnt mine knowning some good strains either for the northeast

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    BC's mighty might is a great early autoflowering strain. Its a indica/ruderallis hybrid, which means its going to be a very hearty plant. The great thing about this plants is that if you get in planted early-mid may it should be finished late july-mid august (I plan on trying this strain out on next years grow.) This year I grew charger and Durban poison (I live in central vt). The charger was finished in mid august and the Durban was done early oct (when I chopped it down it was between 7-8 feet tall). Although this year was an exceptionally good year for growing, and not just cannibas. My perennial garden this year was out of the world. Hopefully next years season will be just as good.

  7. I'm in Minnesota (somewhat near the Canadian border, less than 2 hours north of here) and I plan to start an outdoor grow this spring, should I go with autoflowering? Why/why not?
  8. When is your first expected frost? Most of the earliest strains I have grown need until at least 3rd week in Sept. A couple of frosts are OK, not optimal at the end. Where I live the first frost tells me I have about a week left if needed. A hard freeze, or temps consistently in the low 30's will kill em though. The best way I could describe generally, is if you still have some supple foliage growing until end of Sept to early Oct your fine. If you got snow on the ground during football preseason you might want to look into an auto, IMO.

    Don't get me wrong. Autoflowering strains are necesary for certain parts of the world. I would never bash someone for doing what they need to, in order to smoke some homegrown outdoor. I do however believe plenty of outdoor growers grow them unecesarily, because they are unsure if standard genetics will finish in time.

    I will not bash autoflowers, rather state the benefits of standards. Yield and quality will be superior with standard genetics, enough said?:D lol.

    Good luck next season. Happy growin.

  9. Gotcha, to be honest if I start June 1st I think I'll be good. Thanks for all the good info! +rep
  10. Check out Iranian autoflower.. Drgreenthumb.com
    Finishes in 90 days with recorded yields of 8 oz's..

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