Best Outdoor Smoking Oasis I Can Make

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  1. Hey GC haven't been on in a while but recently the whole family is fine with me smoking which is great, they just don't want me to in the house so I said ok that's understandable so they said to make a fire pit wit some bushes or trees around it in the corner of my yard to make it so no one can see anyone have any cool ideas? I wanna make it sick like a cool big rock fire pit with big tall bushes around it and a opening between to walk in but anything else?
  2. Plant some cool looking, colorful flora to have something to look at. Or make a goddamn koi pond; how cool would that be?
  3. You could also add a waterfall to the pond
  4. Are you allowed to build? if so what's your budget?
    It's pretty easy to build a canopy to make it feel a little more private.
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    I have a little outdoor smoking oasis myself, so I think it's a great idea!
     A few feet into the woods on my property, I have a stream with a few short waterfalls and shallow wading ponds, with fish, a stone table, and four different fire pits on our side running all along the stream. When I have company, I put up the tiki torches on the opposite side of the stream at night, so it's all lit up from both sides (the fish look awesome in the stream at night)! :yay:
     The place is actually chock full of tadpoles at the moment. :)
     Here are a couple of photos from the last few weeks :D
     Some solar hits with the fish.... (these are still images taken from some video footage that I haven't uploaded yet :) )
    And a little further downstream... when it's not so dry, this is usually a good 7ft - 8ft waterfall, right now it's just a trickle.
    There's a big cave just off to the right, almost tall enough to stand in, that extends about 10-12 feet under a gigantic tree; its root system provides the roof support, and the rushing water carved out the earth below, creating the cavern beneath the tree over several years  :)
     I'm gonna miss this place when I need to move  :p
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  9. A few of those folding chairs with the cup holders and a small table to keep glass/edibles on and break up bud/ rollup.

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  10. The greatest outdoor smoking oasis are not created by man
  11. What is the plural form Of oasis?
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  13. Oases
  14. Yeah hire some bitches to suck your dick while you smoke. Also, get some electricity out there for tv/playstation/mini fridge. Good luck!
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  16. I vote for a canopy and koi pond with bushes and pretty flowers
  17. Make a dick fountain. Here's mine (srs).

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     Yea he might be cold....... Or might have a latex fetish or maybe tattoos either way awesome pics and nice setup he has 

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