best outdoor container set up...need a little help

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  1. Hey. I am planting some in containers (5gallon buckets) as well as in ground. As for the buckets, what is a good set up (soil mix, gravel - yes or no for drainage) etc. how much should i water. Would using straight Miracle gro Potting soil work well? or should i add some perlite to that and manure? How much gravel should i add for drainage (an inch, what). Do you guys have good yeilds with buckets? thanks alot for the help. Any other tips are appreciated.
  2. buckets are good miracle gro sucks dont use it i would go with perlite and a moss and some dirt. That should be enough drainage no need for gravel. Just water it when its dry no realy scientific stuff behind it.
  3. What do you mean by ´drainage´?? There must be drainage holes, but I don´t put layers of gravel in the bottom of my buckets. Growing in 5 UK gallon buckets (US gallons are a fair bit smaller) I averaged 10 ounces of dried bud per plant. Generally the bigger the bucket, the bigger the yield.
    Water when they are dry. My climate has hot, dry summers, it never rains, I have to water every 24.
  4. I'd just drill a bunch of holes in the bottom of the buckets.....then you wouldn't have to add gravel and you'd have a couple of spare inches for root development....
  5. This plant was grown in a 5gal bucket using Vic High's soil mix with the addition of a cut up fish in the bottom of the pot. The bucket was slit vertically with a machette around the bottom for drainage, just wack it, then buried to the rim and filled with soil. The slits provide drainage without allowing the soil inside to make contact with the outer dirt, this will cause the water to be drawn out faster making watering a PITA. Two plants is a good start, you won't be overwelmed with the work of watering. Believe me, two plants taken care of properly will produce more/better bud than 10 that you have to work your ass off to keep them alive.

    You can use miracle grow ferts, their easy to find and work quite well for a new grower. Reguardless of what you hear from more experienced growers MG works, there are hundereds of thousands of gardens to attest to that very fact. With MG you will have to flush the soil with straight water, the aftertaste of the salt in MG will give you an undesirable taste in the smoke unless it is flushed. Once you've got several grows under your belt and have read a pile of info posted here you can experiment with other fert's based on other growers results.

    Oh and BTW, this plant yeilded 31oz trimmed/dry bud and 22g of polm from the sugarleaf and 100 sugar cookies from the canabutter made from the leftovers.

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  6. nice. how long did that plant grow for?
  7. Tommy@OG amazing plant man gj!
  8. nice plant!!!! what strain?
  9. those are the BIGGEST buds i have ever seen! oh yeah i always wanted to try the fish+dirt mix but never got around too it, now im definitely gonna get around to it. PS i never used miracle grow i have used Schultz 10-15-10 mix indoors under a 70 watt HPS and got icy buds as big as my pinky after 2 weeks flower. Its the same thing as miracle grow but better.

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