Best organic Fertilizer line? How about Earth Juice

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  1. What does everybody think of the different ferttilzer lines, the only one i have experience with is Earth Juice, but i don't know if it really is a quality product compared to others
  2. To be honest, many of the readers and posters in this forum are not of the "nutrient line" type of feeding our plant. my best guess (and it is a very pessimistic guess) is that their nutrient line is formulated to work perfectly when you have all 9 components.

    If you ask for an opinion, I say Water-only is the way to go. It can be very simple to put together a soil which has everything you plant will need for growth throughout its whole 3-4 month life cycle. There are many threads in this forum pertaining to different amendments and their usefulness. give it a read if you really want to do organics ;)

    If you're still set on the 'nutrient line' mindset, I'm sure you will do well with their grow/bloom/micro, maybe some of that there Meta-K for the end of the cycle

    Hopefully, someone with actual experience with this brand will drop in and give an answer.
  3. p sniker. I wanted to grow organically with water only and soil mix, but pplz told me it will be too hard, especially trying to stretch the nutes to feed a big plant after a month.

    Sorry for hijacing the thread, we're in a similar spot
  4. if you add cool amendments like high N bat guano and take account for everything the plant needs you can do nothing but water for a while, eventually during flower you'll have to add something but that will be towards to end, i remember reading AskEd's post on his coco grows and he said he doenst do anything but water until mid-flower, he has it down pat though

    btw ive been using blue mountain organics (Check ebay), havent used anything else so i cant compare but that with molassess during flower has gave me swoll buds
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    My Soil Mix is around 10 parts Pro Mix, 3 parts Sphagnum/peat, 1 part Vermiculite, 1 part perlite, 1/2 part work casting (approx.), The reason I brought up the Earth Juice, is that I've had used it in the past, But i also had access to alot of other well-known soil ammendments. That was when i was in an "apprenticeship" with an organic grower with lots of experience, but he moved out west and now can't find him online anymore. I have a vague idea of what we were using in the past, but it was 5 years ago and my memory ain't the greatest, then again, who here has a good memory, Doesn't Mj effect it somehow? i think i read that somewhere, LoL. anyways, I guess i should have spent more time reading the forums befor posting. Sometimes i loose my mind,
  6. Earth Juice is about the best if you are doing the bottled nute thing.

    I keep some around. I'm learning the 'water only' route, but the recipe's given are more of a starting point than absolutes and the EJ is a lifesaver when deficiencys happen.

    Earth Juice and amended soils play very well together.

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  7. Thanks man, thats what ive been trying to find, if anybody knew whether or not it was a quality product compared to Fox Farm/ etc

    I havent really found much else being said about E-J, im glad to see that its not a waste of money given i just ordered a 3 pack of it.
    Thanks again

  8. be sure to link your journal in this thread if you start one. I'd be interested in sitting in on that grow :)
    best of luck
  9. As everyone has said, the only way to go organic is to go with your own soil mix and straight pure water.

    If you're going to drop the money on "organic" ferts you're going to get ripped. A lot of them are just molasses water with a few other ingredients from seaweed to fish emulsions. Things that you can get for 1/4 of the price when you get them raw.

    Just do some research, there are some great posts with detailed ingredients for organic soil mixes here.
  10. i guess so, i just checked out a local Big Box Hardware store and saw a few "organic fertilizers" and it was 15$ for a QT of one made from molasses, i've already got some in my kitchen,LoL. A nearby hydro/grow shop only has worm castings, they have the "fert. lines" but you guys convinced me against it. They didn't have any other raw ingredients though, can anyone here point me in the right direction? I'm looking for a legit mailorder that isn't crazy overpriced, thanks everybody
  11. Google Dr. Earth.
  12. alright, i find a local garden center who carries DR Earth, which of their products do you recomend, IM thinking of going with Bat Guano and seaKelp fert, not meal.
  13. I use several Dr. Earth products in my AACT brews and an upcoming indoor grow. I don't use bat guano at all due to my dislike of the environmental destruction from that harvest process. Your recipes do seem to be heavy on nitrogen and I'm a lazy old man who likes balanced grow mediums that provide all plant requirements through the life cycle with a couple of ACCT applications and water.

    Take a look at some grow medium recipes offered by posters who know the science behind their components and write about it. While I understand how living soil and plants function, I'm in the process of accumulating layman knowledge of which organic ingredients do what beyond primary functions of nutrients, micronutrients and minerals.

    Someone will jump in with a foolproof recipe but keep in mind that everything can vary dependent on your grow methodology. Research, research, research. The search feature on this forum and Google are your friends.
  14. proteus,

    To keep it simple with the Dr. Earth line, use their Tomato, Vegetable and Herb blended formula and you'll have a good stand alone dry fertilizer mix that will take you from start to finish.

    A couple of applications of AACT ,Dyna Grow Pro-Tekt at each watering, and K-Mag about every third watering in flower and you will have all you need to execute a painless organic grow.

    The photos in this old journal of mine are from the use of Dr. Earth's good stuff and great for entry level organic growing. It contains all the ingredients I now buy in 50# sacks without having to break the bank as the saying goes.


  15. A local Hydro store wants way to much $ , so i went a local Garden center and got some Dr Earth Bat Guano, Neptunes Harvest Fish/SeaWeed Emulshion and some Espoma Bio-Tone Starter Plus - Microbial plant food (says helps with transplant stress and root developement). That should do just fine for now - Hopefully. At least till Flower Time.
    Thanks for the help

  16. i think it is somewhat important to note that neptune's harvest is not an emulsion, they are cold processed extracts. good stuff IMO

    and the Bio-tone starter has myco in it, yeah? i've been using that too with apparent success. we'll see by the end of the grow.
  17. thanks for the correction. what does AACT stand for?
    OKay so with the Neptunes Harvest Fish / Seaweed - Cold Formed fertilizer(2-3-1) how often should i use it? The label suggests every 2 weeks but is this right for MJ? I've seen in the organic Tea forum some people using similar teas every 3rd watering, What do you all suggest that i use? I have 1 medium size girl that i just brought in from outside and is currently ReVegging and the rest are small under a foot, Since my bigger girl is under ReVeg stress i dont know how much to feed her since shes stalled out right now. Also, when she starts to get new growths how much should i give them, Ideally i'd like alternate between both the Fish/Seaweed mix and the bat guano and strait H2O,
    giving a more balanced nutritious diet for my babes.:hello:
    Thanks again everybody
  18. for hydroponics i use pureblend pro, grow and bloom but I would follow the advice of the previous posters if your going soil and just build your soil and add water.

    If going hydro, the PBP needs Cal-Mag supplement but that's about it. No worries about PH or anything. You could add something else, but my plants loved it just straight up like that, and I couldn't complain about the yield or flavor.
  19. AACT = Actively Aerated Compost Tea


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