Best organic fertilizer for plants?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by HashischaSpliff, May 24, 2010.

  1. Im about to start my first outdoor grow. I am going to backfill a hole with foxfarm soil. Any ideas on fertilizer or plant food to use? Organic is preferred. Also when should I start to feed it and its gonna be a guerrilla grow so how often should i go down and water it? it will be close to a river so... also im gonna put chicken wire around my site to keep animals out. any other ideas to keep unwanted animals and pests away? any help is much appreciated!!!
  2. Well fertilizer you could use would be used ground coffee beans. kelp,alfalfa meal, blood and bone meals,bat guano, worm castings. For future grows before winter sets, dig back down the hole and drop a nice fat fish down there and fill it back up.

    Watering wise, depends on your summer heat, early on you dont have to tend your plants every day, you can go about every 2-3 days. When they get big enough, you can choose to water each day or every other day.

    Un wanted animals you can use natural deterrents such as soap, human hair/dog hair, or you can just buy wolf piss and mark your area.

  3. appreciate it.

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